#500: Summer sneakers with Common Projects

The minimalists’ ‘mecca’ of the footwear world, Common Projects Achilles Low have fast become THE iconic Summer sneakers.

Summer sneakers with Common Projects Achilles Low
Common Projects Achilles Low – Gifted

Summer Sneakers – Common Projects Achilles Low

Common Projects led the way back in 2004 with their clean, crisp and streamlined leather sneakers. Others brands have flooded the Summer trainer market only to fail in comparison to the impeccably designed, simplistic sneaker which sport only the instantly recognisable gold tattoo on the heel as it’s aesthetic.

Summer sneakers with Common Projects footwear

Summer sneakers – The pair behind the Projects

Founders, Flavio Girolami and Peter Poopat took the basic concept of Summer sneakers and made such a rudimentary footwear staple exceedingly desirable.

The humble character of the footwear brand is echoed in Poopat and Girolami’s personas. A refreshing reflection of this attribute was evident on Poopat’s last vacation retreat. Meeting the Creative Officer of DDB Worldwide, Peter modestly described his profession as ‘a shoe company that makes shoes’. It was only later that the new acquaintance discovered Mr Poopat was the Founder of internationally renowned Commin Projects.

In the same fashion, Girolami also resonates this humble nature:

In a way, Common Projects doesn’t feel like ours… It feels like it has a life of its own and belongs to a lot of people.

Flavio Girolami

Summer sneakers – What makes the Achilles Low so great?

Just how can something so simple be so beautiful and sought after?

Summer sneakers with Common Projects minimal

The brand prides itself on the design and manufacturer of the sneakers; the process really is a cut above the rest:


As mentioned previously, the signature gold numbers towards the heel are the only visual on an otherwise logo-free, minimal sneaker. This has fast become THE instantly recognisable feature for Common Project’s footwear.

Summer sneakers with Common Projects trainers

The minimalistic element of the sneakers means that they are incredibly versatile; the design allows the footwear to be paired with jeans, shorts or slim cropped suit trousers.


Manufactured in Italy’s Marche region, the softer, more luxurious Napa leather involved in the production of the Common Projects Achilles Low is the same material usually reserved for extravagant furniture or high-end leather jackets. Although softer, the leather is still sturdy and more than capable to take on the tests of British summertime.

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