#500: Mr James Samuel

Our #500 series explores the most stylish & interesting ways to spend £500 on menswear each week. This week, we contacted men’s fashion & lifestyle blogger James Samuel of Looking Good Feelin Fine to ask him how he would spend his cash.

#500: Mr James Samuel fashion

What do you do?

I started my first blog (it was about hair) back in 2010 when I was working in London as a hair colourist and most of the readers were other hairdressers. As blogging became more popular Looking Good Feelin Fine was born I branched out into other areas. In my mind this blog covers the topics I’m interested in based on my day-to-day life. Fashion, skincare, food, spirituality, travel etc making it a lifestyle blog.

#500: Mr James Samuel Looking Good Feelin Fine

I totally get why blogging has become so popular. Being able to create your own little world, tailored to your own taste and interests. Where there are no boundaries over what you should and shouldn’t write about. What I love is how democratic the whole thing is. Anyone can start a blog and if they are interesting enough will build a following and potentially a successful career.

#500: Mr James Samuel lifestyle

I’m also, along with my good friend Christian Co-Founder of Intensae Nail Lacquer. This is a brand built from a love to create and a passion for great quality products produced with integrity and kindness. We try our best to create products that work without harming your health, our planet or the animals we share it with.

Be sure to check out James Samuel’s blog Looking Good Feelin Fine along with his incredible Instagram feed.

How would you spend £500 right now?

#500: Mr James Samuel ACNE STUDIOS Dasher Mélange Wool Sweater
ACNE STUDIOS Dasher Mélange Wool Sweater


#500: Mr James Samuel COMMON PROJECTS Achilles Retro Leather Sneakers
COMMON PROJECTS Achilles Retro Leather Sneakers
[su_quote cite=”James Samuel”]Both pieces are timeless and versatile, they have a hint of luxury whilst being casual.[/su_quote]

ACNE STUDIOS Dasher Mélange Wool Sweater – £210

COMMON PROJECTS Achilles Retro Leather Sneakers – £290

Total Cost: £500


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