A Savile Row Designer’s top tips on creating a WFH winter wardrobe

A Savile Row Designer’s top tips on creating a WFH winter wardrobe.

We all know the feeling…

Zoom calls, working from the kitchen table and after-work virtual hangouts.

The first national lockdown has somewhat prepared us for lockdown 2.0 but because of the seasonal change, your WFH wardrobe may need a makeover.

Savile Row Co WFH winter wardrobe

We speak with Savile Row Designer of 20 years, Sally Samuels, who has pulled together a list of her favourite men’s winter apparel, accessories and advice that is both professional and practical:

1. Get Dressed

The news of a second national lockdown can bring up many unwanted emotions making us think – what is the point of getting out of our pyjamas? Research has shown that small, seemingly insignificant steps like getting dressed and making your bed are some of the best ways to boost your mood and keep you focused.

2. Dress for Comfort

While it’s important to get out of your pyjamas, it’s just as important to be comfortable and that means not walking around the house in a three-piece suit (especially if you have children or pets!). To strike the perfect balance between comfortable and presentable, team a pair of cotton lounge pants with a woollen jumper and your favourite pair of slippers.

3. The Best Shirts for Working From Home

If impromptu Zoom calls are likely, it pays to stay presentable – at least from the waist up. Opt for a casual long sleeve shirt made from good quality material to keep you warm and maybe even a tie if you have a weekly catch-up with your company directors. You can’t go wrong with a classic polo if you have heating or a knitted jumper!

4. Best Trousers for Working From Home

When picking your outfit for the day, your focus should be on pieces that balance form and function. A pair of stretch cotton chinos or light-weight lounge pants are the perfect happy medium.

5. Best Shoes for Working for Home

Unlike the first national lockdown, the temperature is cooler so ensuring your feet are warm is important because we all know – if your feet are cold so is the rest of your body. Luckily, your feet will rarely be on camera so opting for slippers or comfy socks is OK! I suggest opting for an easy slide-on pair which makes it easier when coming in and out of the house from your daily walks.

You can shop Savile Row Company’s full range of work-from-home attire here.

What’s in your WFH winter wardrobe?

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