The Anamorphose Studio Derby Lands in London

OTC The Anamorphose Studio Derby London Tube

Anamorphose Studio are an independent designer brand offering timeless and unconventional ‘essentials’ with a touch of modernity.

Their limited edition Derby shoes are marketed towards people with a subtle style and a strong personality.

OTC The Anamorphose Studio Derby London Walkie Talkie

I took the Derby WILD out to explore the city, the versatility of the shoe allowed for a casual day time look but the Derby would be equally suitable for a smarter outfit;  a shirt paired with tapered chinos/ jeans would work perfectly with the Anamorphose footwear for a Summer evening.

OTC The Anamorphose Studio Derby London Tower Bridge

Too classy to be just sneakers and too dynamic for a classic shoe, our design fits every circumstance. Our designs were inspired by the iconic Derby silhouette, and adapted to a contemporary lifestyle.Anamorphose Creative Team

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

OTC The Anamorphose Studio Derby London Skyline

With only 50 pairs of each design in existence their Derby Shoes are the epitome of true exclusivity.

OTC The Anamorphose Studio Derby London Tower Bridge Stairs

The Derby WILD shows off warm grey suede paired with a natural cork upper. The interior of the shoe is lined with leather and finally finished off with an ultra lightweight ergonomic sole. The shoes were designed in Paris and expertly handmade in Portugal.

OTC The Anamorphose Studio Derby London St Paul's Cathedral

The Verdict

To keep it short, these Derby shoes provide the comfort of a high end sneaker, with a previously never before seen versatility. The fact that these Derbies do not fall under the category of ‘sneaker’ or a ‘classic formal shoe’ is nothing but a positive thing; many brands have tried to pull this off but Anamorphose have nailed it. 

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