Anamorphose Studio City Style Pt 1 – Amsterdam

French shoemakers & independent design label Anamorphose Studio have recently released their line of Derby shoes. Refreshing the classic Derby silhouette with a modern twist – a casual foam sole and minimalist detailing.

The result is a truly versatile shoe that can be worn for any occasion a city like Amsterdam presents. Addressed to the modern man, in tune with its time, the Derby ILLUSION is too classy to be classed as a ‘sneaker’ and yet too dynamic for a classic shoe.

We took a pair of the limited edition ILLUSION Derby shoes for a day around the city and a stroll on the beach.

Anamorphose Studios Derby shoes

Anamorphose Studios Derby ILLUSION

[su_quote]Classic lines, timeless and unconventional, but always worked with a touch of modernity. [/su_quote]

Anamorphose Studios Navy

The shoes are made from the highest quality soft leather, and paired with the cushioned sole, give a real feeling of comfort which is hard to find with a lot of shoes.

Anamorphose Studios footwear Anamorphose Studios shoes

Anamorphose Studios

Anamorphose Studios released an exclusive initial run of 50 shoes with the actual run number printed on the inside leather, making each one completely unique.

Anamorphose Studios limited edition

Anamorphose Studios illusion

The Verdict

My first impression of these Amamorphose Studios shoes was the striking white sole, providing a bold but never garish statement and making them surprisingly comfy. I also love the clean lines of the classic Derby silhouette with slight differences that add a more minimal feel than traditional formal Derby shoes. I’d feel as comfortable in wearing these to a formal event with a navy suit as I did wearing them on the beach and I can’t think of another shoe that provides that versatility.

Anamorphose Studios France

In Part 2 we see the shoes in the more formal surroundings of central London – you can check it out here.

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