At Home With The Onepiece Towel Jumpsuit

At Home With The Onepiece Towel Jumpsuit.

Last week we covered Working From Home With ASKET. Today, we’re focusing on how to unwind, relax and invest in yourself with Onepiece.

As we’ve mentioned throughout the last few weeks, it’s important to dress with intention. Get dressed for work, get dressed to exercise, but also take time for yourself. With that in mind, we want to highlight the importance of relaxing and winding down. What better attire to relax in than the Onepiece Towel Jumpsuit?

At Home With Onepiece
The Onepiece Towel Jumpsuit kindly gifted from Onepiece

Onepiece have teamed up with Towel Club to deliver the perfect jumpsuit for practicality and comfort.

Within seconds of exiting the shower I’m able to don the towel jumpsuit and I’m ready to go. The terry cloth fabric is unbelievably soft and surprisingly light weight; an ideal Summer loungewear piece.

At Home With The Onepiece Towel Jumpsuit Towel Club

Offering various clever details, the pragmatic design on the collaboration works wonderfully well. The front kangaroo pouch offers an inside pocket along with a secure zipper and is the perfect spot to house your free Towel Club membership card.

In addition to the handy kangaroo pouch, Onepiece have added a zipper to the inseam opening for multi-purpose use. A very handy feature not found on many other onesie products.

At Home With The Onepiece Towel Jumpsuit – The perfect after-work piece

Whilst working from home, I’ve found technology both a lifeline and a burden. Thankfully, tech has allowed team OTC to hold daily catch ups, keep on top of emails and hold virtual meetings to discuss ongoing/ future projects.

On the other hand, it is nice to switch off at the end of the day. Once all the zoom meetings are out of the way and editorials are up to date, I like to put my phone down, crack open a book and get changed into something more relaxed. The Onepiece Towel Jumpsuit has become my ‘go to’ loungewear attire.

At Home With The Onepiece Towel Jumpsuit Onesie

Taking time to read provides a welcome release from technology; in particular the amount of time I spend on my phone. Recent events have meant I can focus on a few titles I’ve been meaning to tackle for a while. Consequently, I’m flying through my reading list.

At Home With The Onepiece Towel Jumpsuit Loungewear

Settling down comfortably is key, which isn’t difficult with such a luxurious jumpsuit. Accompanied by an after-work cup of white tea, it’s easy to release my inner piece.

At Home With The Onepiece Towel Jumpsuit Inner Piece

I think it’s always important to invest in yourself. Balancing my schedule with books helps to improve my focus and benefits mental health.

A couple of recommendations from my lockdown reading list would be Ikigai: the Japanese secret to a long and happy life and Never Split the Diferrence, by Chris Voss.

At Home With The Onepiece Towel Jumpsuit – Weekend relaxation

When the weekend arrives, it’s perfectly fine to have a ‘lazy day’. Mentally, we all need stability and it’s unsustainable to be running around at 100mph 24/7.

Just this Sunday I was able to spend some time on meditation before taking a bath and relaxing in the Onepiece Towel Jumpsuit. The ideal Sunday after an eventful week.

At Home With The Onepiece Towel Jumpsuit Shower


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