AVAIL Watches. Modern, yet timeless. A Contemporary Classic.

AVAIL Watches. Modern, yet timeless. A Contemporary Classic.

Avail: noun: “use or benefit”, originating from the Latin “be strong, be of value”.

AVAIL Watches

AVAIL Watches – The Silent Companion.

Each day we sport a watch with purpose and pride. They are with us through the ordinary and the extraordinary parts of our day. We check our watches seconds before or moments after some of the biggest moments of our lives. AVAIL have tapped into this philosophy to design inspiring timepieces at a competitive price point.

AVAIL Watches – The Arlo Watch.

The Arlo Watch is modern yet timeless contemporary timepiece. Thoughtfully designed, the Arlo has all the attributes of a modern watch to accompany you through the next important phase of your life.

The quality of the piece immediately announces itself upon opening the sleek packaging. As the gaze follows the luxury leather strap to the stainless steel case, the character of the Arlo shines through whilst examining the delightfully designed dial aesthetic.

A true minimalist’s piece, the Arlo delivers a crisp finish to a sophisticated look; an understated hallmark that few contemporary timepieces can achieve well. A classic with a modern, minimalist twist if you will.

AVAIL Watches – Fair Pricing.

It has become apparent that over the years few contemporary watch brands are able to strike a balance between pricing and quality.

Quality should always be paramount and AVAIL know this. The prices are competitive and the quality is reflected in the materials and design.

AVAIL Watches pride themselves on using Seiko or Miyota quartz movements and their luxury leather straps also use embossed detailing. The watches speak for themselves, however a real integrity is evident within the brands philosophy.

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The Timepiece Specifics.
  • Movements: AVAIL use Japanese Quartz throughout their range. The Signature Range watches use Seiko or Miyota movements, renowned for their precision and paralleled quality with Swiss movements.
  • Straps: All straps are 100% genuine leather and finished by hand.
  • Cases:  All Signature Range cases are made with the highest grade stainless steel, durable and strong. The Collection Range uses a mix of Stainless Steel & base metals to ensure a robust frame and with the same style and sophistication of their Signature Range.
  • Dials: Never overlook the dial. AVAIL combine thoughtful and painstaking design with quality materials to ultimately construct statement dials.

AVAIL Watch Minimalist Box

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