Clinging on to SS17 with Bowler and Beach

As SS17 draws to a close and AW collections come back into focus we decided to jet off to Kefalonia to squeeze in one final SS17 shoot with Bowler and Beach.

Established by two brothers, Bowler and Beach is an affordable luxury beachwear brand for men, combining British style with Portuguese flair. Their aim is to create stylish, high quality swim shorts with distinctive prints and signature design details inspired by great times had whilst sharing the sun.

The brothers – Matt & BJ – grew up spending summers on the sun-drenched beaches of the Algarve, Portugal. Their aim for Bowler & Beach is simple, to create a beachwear brand that evokes the spirit of having fun sharing the sun with friends and family. 

[su_quote cite=”Matt, Co-founder – Bowler and Beach.”]Whether partying at a sun-drenched beach club in Ibiza, enjoying a beautiful beach on the coast, or relaxing by the pool, Bowler & Beach really encompasses the carefree spirit of living for the moment and collecting countless memories along the way.[/su_quote]

OTC X Bowler and Beach Matt and BJ

Matt & BJ passionately believe in creating high quality swim shorts, combining the key elements of the highest quality fabric and trims used by the most skilled craftsmen and women. This is why all Bowler and Beach swim shorts are designed in London and made in Northern Portugal where there is a rich heritage of producing luxury swim shorts.

The Bowler and Beach logo represents the British charm and heritage of the iconic bowler hat together with the waves of the sea set against the Portuguese sun evoking the spirit of great times shared in the sun.

OTC X Bowler and Beach Logo

We were lucky enough to be sent part of the animal collection to take on our travels, The Swallows and The Octopus. The Animals collection is made up of six distinctive, eye-catching prints inspired by the guy’s favourite animals. Their unique colour and print combinations have been carefully selected to create a pair of swim shorts to match every personality and occasion.

OTC X Bowler and Beach swim Simon Holbert

One of the first things we noticed about the products was the incredibly high quality of the pieces. The craftsmanship that goes into the shorts really goes above and beyond other swim shorts on the market. It is evident to see that quality and detail is of paramount importance to the guys as BJ explains:

[su_quote cite=”BJ, Co-founder – Bowler and Beach.”]Special care has been taken to incorporate signature Bowler and Beach design details on each short such as the “share the sun” button on the back pocket, the matching draw-rope and print colour, and the coordinated waterproof carry pouches.[/su_quote]

OTC X Bowler and Beach shorts

OTC X Bowler and Beach holiday

Looking over their Instagram feed provided us with all the inspiration we needed to hit the beach and enjoy the sun in their incredibly stylish swim shorts.

OTC X Bowler and Beach beach Simon Holbert

From their social media accounts it’s plain to see that this well thought-out lifestyle brand evokes the spirit of having fun and encourages followers to travel and explore with family and friends. Something I’m sure we all aspire to replicate!

OTC X Bowler and Beach Towel

Bowler and Beach have had a great summer with their swim shorts featuring in a number of print and online publications including GQ, Coach Magazine, Vogue Online, and Sunday Times Travel Magazine, as well as our friends over at Ape to Gentleman and The Discerning Man.
There’s real history behind the brand story, and the brothers are keen to grow the business by staying true to values that will resonate with their customers.
[su_quote cite=”Matt and BJ, Founders – Bowler and Beach.”]The Bowler and Beach logo represents the British charm and heritage of the iconic bowler hat together with the fun spirit of great times shared in the Portuguese sun.[/su_quote]
Matt and BJ’s approach to Bowler and Beach is not just about the here and now; it’s about carefully growing a loyal following and encouraging everyone involved to have a great time on the journey along the way.
Here at OTC we love the story behind the brand and in the modern market this it’s so important that people can identify with the story and team behind the products.
OTC X Bowler and Beach travel
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