Buy Less, Shop Sustainably – ASKET Cashmere Sweater

Buy Less, Shop Sustainably – ASKET Cashmere Sweater.

A few weeks back we covered an ASKET review when working from home.  Today, just in time for the colder weather, presents the perfect opportunity to re-introduce the ASKET Cashmere Sweater.

Buy Less, Shop Sustainably - ASKET Cashmere Sweater

Re-introduction of the Cashmere Sweater.

As the temperature drops, ASKET step up with the re-introduction of the Cashmere Sweater.

The restock of the Cashmere Jumper sees the brand introduce a garment produced exclusively of post-consumer wool (97% recycled cashmere and 3% recycled lambs wool). With this type of quality yarn the new Cashmere Sweater is not only soft on your skin but also the planet.

Buy Less, Shop Sustainably - ASKET Traceable

The sustainability ASKET clothing.

The sustainability of ASKET versus other clothing brands on the market is truly inspiring.

Buy Less, Shop Sustainably - ASKET Cashmere Clothes Rail

Cashmere has long been hailed the most luxurious of wools. The knit, made from the under-fur of Cashmere goats, is equal parts downy, durable and breathable. But at some point in the last decade, a weird thing happened: Cashmere, the rarest and most luxurious of wools, became far too accessible (not so nice for the underbelly of those goats). In an oxymoron of epic proportions, fast-fashion spurred a demand for ‘cheap-luxury’, with it putting massive pressure on Mongolian and Chinese herding grounds that rear these goats.

So when it came to restocking their most coveted Cashmere Sweater, ASKET could no longer justify using virgin fibres. Instead the team searched high and low for a supplier of recycled cashmere and found the creme-de-la-creme of cashmere mills in Italy that were able to support the brand in developing a Cashmere Sweater from 97% recycled cashmere and 3% recycled lambs wool. The Mill uses a process known as mechanical dyeing, which contrary to what the name suggests doesn’t involve any dye stuff or water.

With it ASKET delivers perhaps the most luxurious of sweaters out there without putting massive pressure on cashmere herding grounds.

Where to buy ASKET.

Check out the cashmere collection here.

My personal favourite from the luxury Cashmere range is certainly the light brown hue. Densely knitted from 2-ply yarns, its ribbed cuffs, hem and neckline are reinforced with elastane for both comfort and durability. Equal parts soft, durable and warm, it’s the perfect layer for those chilly days.

Buy Less, Shop Sustainably - ASKET Cashmere Light Brown

Limited stock after initial release on Sep 29th.  Select size and sign up for early access to the December restock.

Buy Less, Shop Sustainably - ASKET Cashmere Sweater Clothing

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