Casual Dress Done Well

It’s easy to look good in a smart suit and a good pair of shoes, but when the dress code is casual, it can be a bit more difficult to look your best. 

What is a casual dress code? When is casual too casual? Can I rock up in my football shirt or Rugby kit or is that too casual? It can be impossible to know what you should be wearing on those informal occasions, which is why we’ve put together this guide to getting the casual dress style right…

Clean and pressed

There may be no rules when it comes to casual dress, but you do still need to make an effort, which means that, whatever you wear, it needs to be clean and pressed as a minimum, no exceptions.

Get the fit right

Casual dressing means you don’t have to worry about your clothing being expertly tailored, but although you could technically get away with wearing something extremely baggy, it’s probably better to go for slim fitting but not tight. Something that looks like it fits you well, but which is not too restrictive is ideal for casual dressing.

Jeans not joggers

Okay, so there’s no rule against wearing joggers when it comes to a casual dress code, but you’re more likely to get the tone right if you wear a nice pair of Levi’s than you are with a pair of Nike joggers just because jeans are on the smarter end of casual, but you won’t look overdressed if you’re wearing them.

Trainers are fine

When it comes to dressing casually, trainers are absolutely fine for the most part. As long as they’re clean and comfy, you shouldn’t have to worry about wearing your favourite pair of Nike’s when the dress code is relaxed. Just make sure they match your outfit.

Keep it simple

It’s easy to look effortlessly cool when you adopt a more minimalist look. Ditch the loud colours and huge logos that stick out like a sore thumb and go for unassuming comfy clothing in neutral shades. Buy the best you can afford and keep your outfits unfussy and you will look great.

Pay attention to detail

Whether it’s wearing a really nice leather belt with a simple jeans and white t-shirt combo, blinging up your outfit with a prestige watch, or tucking your t-shirt into your trousers at the front for a slightly different look, there are lots of little details you can employ to ensure that your casual look is more interesting while never being too over-the-top for the occasion.

You do you

With all of that in mind, dressing casual is, or at least should, be about what is comfortable for you, so if you don’t agree with any of the above, and you’d prefer to dress differently, go for it. When the dress code is casual, you’re less likely to make a faux-pas by wearing the wrong thing and whatever allows you to enjoy the event is the right thing for you wear whether that is your comfiest jogger or a club tie from McDade UK. You do you!