Feeling Festive With The Onepiece Teddy Fleece Jumpsuit

Feeling Festive With The Onepiece Teddy Fleece Jumpsuit.

A few weeks back we recommended the Onepiece Towel Jumpsuit as part of a focus on wellness during lockdown.

Today we want to concentrate on ending 2020 on a high and we’re getting into the festive spirit with the Onepiece Teddy Fleece Jumpsuit.

Feeling Festive With The Onepiece Teddy Fleece Jumpsuit

Christmas with Onepiece

The lead up to Christmas is by far my favourite time of year. I’m at my happiest unpacking the Christmas tree, feasting on mince pies and sipping a glass of wine of two.

This year, our tree was erected whilst sporting the fantastic Onepiece Teddy Fleece Jumpsuit.

Possibly the softest material I’ve ever worn, I immediately felt snug as we prepared to unleash the trimmings, tinsel and ornaments from hibernation.

Feeling Festive With The Onepiece Teddy Fleece Jumpsuit Onesie

The front kangaroo pouch offers immense practicality to perfectly complement the toasty garment. Acting as an additional set of hands for Christmas decorations, the interior was looking festive in no time at all.

After a somewhat exhausting few hours and the house now looking merry it was time to cosy up in the jumpsuit, relax and pour a few drinks.

Chiller Winter Nights with Onepiece

With the temperature dropping drastically an updated winter wardrobe is essential; including indoor loungewear.

The perfect purchase for the chillier winter nights, the Onepiece Teddy Fleece Jumpsuit allows a seamless transition into toasty mode.

The soft and comfortable Onepiece covers all bases. Whether you’re after a lazy Sunday evening or want to relax after a day at work, changing into the cosy jumpsuit provides an instant uplift.

Personally, there’s nothing better than settling down with a good book feeling sheltered and cosy in a homely setting.

The Teddy Fleece has fast become my number one piece this winter.

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Kindly gifted courtesy of Onepiece.

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