I found the most stylish watch: On-hand Filippo Loreti review

What do you think of when you think of a luxury watch? Function, quality, refinement, beauty, high price tags. Let us introduce you to Filippo Loreti.

Filippo Loreti are providing fresh faced new blood to, what some would consider, an already established, horological empire. But, is this established empire ready for a shake up? Given Loreti’s unprecedented initial success, it would seem so!

After some initial research to understand why high-end timepieces were demanding such extravagant prices the guys over at Filippo Loreti discovered that some were being sold for 1000% more than it cost to produce them. In essence the price of a quality watch had little to do with production costs but instead was the consequence of several somewhat surprising factors. Expensive marketing campaigns, wasteful product development processes, insufficient supplier relationships and distribution channels along with excessive mark-ups by brands and their partners were unjustifiably inflating prices.

On-hand Filippo Loreti review watch

As I mentioned, the design behind a Filippo Loreti watch takes inspiration from iconic Italian architectural monuments, the Basilica di San Marco, the Piazza del Campidoglio and the Galleria di Vitorio Emanuelle II. This incredible design concept, together with carefully crafted details, create such a unique timepiece that will undoubtedly draw attention and compliments throughout your day.

The brand has cleverly intertwined their design inspiration with a modern maximalism feel. As I’m sure everyone is aware, the western world has been gripped by a minimalist revolution sweeping down from Scandinavia for the past decade, however, experts are now forecasting a reconnection with individual expression and decorative impulse. With the above in mind, Filippo Loreti are perfectly positioned with their bold colour combinations to build on their initial success within the industry.

Filippo Loreti review – Venice Moonphase

With the Venice series, Filippo Loreti tried to capture the city’s extravagant yet sophisticated and thoughtfully curated atmosphere. Every design element was refined and crafted to interpret the different aspects of the selected Italian architectural landmark. As part of my Filippo Loreti review I’d specifically like to mention my favourite feature of the timepiece aesthetics. The reverse of the case on this watch is as unique as I have ever witnessed. A truly aesthetical masterpiece, a laser etched Basilica di San Marco is portrayed; a spectacular detail on this Venice inspired automatic watch.

Another eye-catching attribute that immediately drew my attention was the Moonphase complication. The Venice Moonphase indicator really brings the watch dial to life through whimsical and symbolic touches. The blue disc, with an elegant golden moon, really encompasses a universe of style, symbolism, and artistic approach from the brand for the Venice Moonphase series.

On-hand Filippo Loreti review Venice Moonphase

Refreshingly honest, intricately made and beautifully designed, a Filippo Loreti premium watch, at such a reasonable price point looks to be succeeding where others have failed. This could very well be the timepiece to go forward and disrupt the long-established status-quo within the horological world.

On-hand Filippo Loreti review watch review

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