FARFETCH: Gift guide for men

FARFETCH Gift guide for men

Gifts for the guys in my life…

Men and shopping are two words not often associated with each other- so when it comes to gift buying it can often be a struggle to think up that perfect present. Whether you want to buy a birthday gift for your father, brother or man friend, this FARFETCH gift guide for men has it all covered: everything from clothing to lifestyle products with a range of budgets.

What would I buy my father?

Clothing piece: Multicoloured Basket Lunch patterned socks, Ayamé, £25

FARFETCH: Gift guide for men socks

You can never go wrong with a pair of socks. It’s a right of passage as a Father to receive socks for every celebration- whether it’s Christmas, a Birthday, Father’s day.. So why not steer clear from those standard Dad socks and mix it up a little with these boldly patterned numbers. Budget friendly, practical, and as great a quality you can get; the zany design may even bring back fond memories of his ‘funkier’ fashion days..

Shoes piece: Sloane loafers, Jimmy Choo, £450

A classic pair of loafers would make any Father happy. These leather Jimmy Choo slip-ons are a perfect gift that will never go out of fashion and will really make any man feel like the most sophisticated guy in the room- my Dad would absolutely love these.

FARFETCH: Gift guide for men Jimmy Choo loafers

Bag piece: Mr. Thom briefcase, Thom Browne, £2900

A ‘functional’ gift doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a ‘boring’ gift; and this briefcase is far from boring. Thom Browne never fails to deliver class- which is exactly what this bag is. Perhaps a little on the higher end of many people’s budget, but you certainly get what you pay for and this is a piece that will last a lifetime. Any Father would be overwhelmed with this gift.

FARFETCH: Gift guide for men Mr. Thom briefcase, Thom Browne

Accessories piece: Checked umbrella, London Undercover, £84

London Undercover produce outstanding umbrellas. A gift that will work for most budgets, this checked umbrella has a true British vibe and is finished with a curved wooden handle giving it an almost James Bond/ Kingsman feel- I think any Father would like to feel like a spy, mine certainly would!

FARFETCH: Gift guide for men London Undercover umbrella

Jewellery piece: Dive 45mm watch, Gucci, £780

No better way to thank my Father for all the time he has given me growing up than with a stylish watch. This Gucci watch would therefore be the perfect gift to show him my appreciation. Stainless steel and with a timeless design this is an investment piece that is well worth it’s price tag.

FARFETCH: Gift guide for men Gucci watch

What would I buy my Brother?

Clothing piece: Ken crew neck sweater, Stella McCartney, £610

If your Brother is anything like mine, he can be pretty tough to buy for. However, a classic sweater like this Stella McCartney number is perfect for any occasion and could be brought out year after year without looking dated- making it a gift that will most definitely be worn and loved. Dress it up for an evening at the pub or a casual trip into town for a coffee, it’s a piece that can be worn for every occasion; so that price tag is pretty reasonable knowing he’ll get so much wear out of it.

FARFETCH: Gift guide for men Stella McCartnery crew neck

Shoe piece: Milano sandals, Birkenstock, £74

A well known name and many people’s go-to sandal brand, these Birkenstocks would make a great present for any man, traveller or not. These are sandals that can come out year after year for the  annual week of British sun we look forward to, packed and taken on your travels abroad, worn around the house.. At such a great price too they are an ideal gift within many people’s price range. I know my Brother would love a pair of these summertime staples.

FARFETCH: Gift guide for men Birkenstock

Bag piece: Valentino Garavani classic holdall, Valentino, £2540

If your Brother’s anything like mine, he’s always on the move. Whether it’s off to visit friends around the country, jetting around Europe on weekend adventures or a trip home to recharge his batteries; this Valentino holdall will provide the perfect storage for any traveller’s essentials making it a great gift. The slick black leather finish is a just bonus for those of us that recognise real luxury.


FARFETCH: Gift guide for men Valentino holdall


Lifestyle piece: MH40 over-ear headphones, Master & Dynamic, £470

An ideal gift for any millennial guy. Music plays a huge part in a lot of younger men’s’ lives, especially my Brother. These head phones not only ooze class but will also mean my brother can listen to his favourite tunes whilst on the move. The 100% tan leather gives the headphones a real unique and sophisticated look; I know any guy would love a pair of these.

FARFETCH: Gift guide for men headphones

Jewellery piece: Hexagonal design cufflinks, Prada, £304

Cufflinks are a perfect way of showing your Brother you care. A stylish pair like these Prada ones will be brought out on every special occasion and celebration as the finishing piece to a suit, no doubt he will receive endless compliments each time he wears them as the silver hexagonal design of these really is smart.

FARFETCH: Gift guide for men Prada cufflinks

What would I buy my friend?

Clothing piece: Classic L/s Bd Pc Shirt With Cf Grosgrain Placket In Oxford, Thom Browne, £360

Stuck on what to buy your friend? A timeless shirt like this one from Thom Browne is an ideal gift. The classic design and neutral colour means you’re safe knowing even the fussiest of guys would love this- especially when they see the quality it has been produced with. I know my friends would really appreciate a shirt like this for those nights on the town.

FARFETCH: Gift guide for men Thom Browne shirt

Shoe piece: Waxed Chelsea boots, Common Projects, £469

As a friend you should know what shoes would look good on your mate- whether he knows or not! These Common Projects boots are a perfect gift for any guy- but you know your friend will appreciate a smart Chelsea boot like these. He would definitely get his wear out of them as the classic style would allow for these to be worn night or day.

FARFETCH: Gift guide for men Common Projects

Bag piece: ‘City Webbing’ billfold wallet, Paul Smith, £150

Not everybody needs to carry a rucksack or briefcase around but every man needs a wallet. That’s why a wallet like this one from Paul Smith would make a great gift. Made from burgundy leather and that detail running across the outer wallet, it is definitely more eye-catching than your standard black billfold wallet and at a pretty reasonable price too.

FARFETCH: Gift guide for men Paul Smith Wallet

Accessory piece: T buckle belt, Tom Ford, £520

Tom Ford is a brand that every man desires. It truly is luxury and class. You know, therefore, that this black leather belt would be a great gift for any guy. And I know that any friend I gifted this to would be wearing it daily to show off that subtle brass ‘T’ branding.

FARFETCH: Gift guide for men Tom Ford belt

Vintage Piece: Chain patterned tie, Hermès Vintage, £118

As you grow older you have to start thinking about the more practical gifts in life- like ties for work. However, practical gifts can still ooze style. What better way to gift your friend with something he may wear in the office than by purchasing a vintage designer tie. This Hermès tie would be the focal point to any suit and would make a great gift.

FARFETCH: Gift guide for men Hermes tie

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