Good deed feed – British Watchmakers Bremont

Good deed feed – British Watchmakers Bremont Offer Their Watchmaking Factory

Our good deed feed has been a hot topic of late and as we have previously covered, many menswear brands are stepping up to help tackle the coronavirus. Brands such as MR PORTER and Private White VC are doing their bit to help an ongoing national effort. Our latest good news feed piece covers British watchmakers, Bremont.

PPE is essential for our front line NHS workers, it seems that there has been a slow response to getting this incredibly important protective equipment to our heroes in the hospitals. Whilst this situation seems to be improving there is also talk of a lack of ventilators for the ICU wards.

To combat the shortage of ventilators, Bremont have nobly offered their Oxfordshire watchmaking factory to help in the production process.

Good deed feed - British Watchmakers Bremont Offer Their Watchmaking Factory Oxfordshire

British Watchmakers Bremont selected Henley-on-Thames as their HQ location back in 2005 and resisted more notable destinations around Switzerland to maintain their British roots.

Good deed feed - British Watchmakers Bremont Headquarters

The world sets its time by Greenwich, not by Geneva, and that is for a good reason.

Nick English – Co-Founder, Bremont

Bremont’s beginnings were born from Nick and Giles English (Bremont’s founders) honouring their father and carrying on his legacy. Now the brothers find themselves joining the national effort to tackle the pandemic crisis, something I’m sure their father would be proud of.

With such urgent need for ventilator assistance, The Bremont brothers have submitted applications to modify Bremont’s watchmaking factory so that they are able to transition into the production of ventilator parts when needed.

Hats off to Nick and Giles English for their noble efforts during these unprecedented times. Additionally, hats off to British manufacturing!

Good deed feed - British Watchmakers Bremont Watch

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