Good deed feed – The Billy Drum with Billy Tannery

Good deed feed – The Billy Drum with Billy Tannery.

The previous edition of our good deed feed highlighted how ADAM Grooming were matching NHS donations. Today we’re championing one of our favourite British brands in Billy Tannery.

We first got to know the guys at Billy Tannery back in 2017, catching them at Best of Brittania London. We were taken in by their fresh approach to leather and their passion for sustainability.

Since then, Jack and Rory have built a pioneering microtannery to expand their range of leather goods which are designed and made in England.

Good deed feed – The Billy Drum with Billy Tannery Microtannery

It was a few weeks back when we noted issue 25 of their fantastic newsletter, The Billy Drum with Billy Tannery, arriving in our inbox. We always like to keep up with the good work the guys are doing and the subject line of this email really struck a chord with us.

‘Don’t buy our products, support these guys instead’

A truly selfless act which epitomises how small businesses are looking out for each other during the current climate.

Billy Tannery went on to explain their position and encouraged customers to check out other independents that may need their custom.

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve thought long and hard about how to respond. As a retailer should we be having a sale to keep cash coming in? We have stock and our warehouse is still operating, but is the right thing to do? For us, no.

At Billy Tannery, we’re very fortunate to be able to slow our operations right down. Our overheads are low and our bills can all be paid. There are many others that need your support more than us, so this special edition of The Billy Drum highlights a few of them.

Stay safe,

Jack & Rory

Good deed feed – The Billy Drum with Billy Tannery

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