Graduate Fashion Week 2018 – Holly Harries

Yet another academic year has come and gone and with it a new class of Fashion students graduate. This year’s standard of BA collections was as high as ever, making it exceptionally hard to focus on key individuals. But we couldn’t help but be overly impressed, enthused and curious by a handful of students certainly set to take the industry in their stride… over to you Holly Harries.

Holly Harries – University of Salford

Who knew urban remains could be so stylish and stunning? Holly Harries creatively produced her own prints for her final collection’s looks, cleverly adding subtle references to the wearable designs.

What was the basic path that your research took to form your final concept?

My final major project [urban remains] was based on Manchester street art and urban wear. The derelict buildings and wastelands around Manchester that reveal the folds in time around the city centre particularly inspired me. The destruction, decay and pealing of walls that are a memory of old artworks, and architecture that has been covered up by new graffiti artists was also a big influence. The layering of the graffiti and prints reflecting the impermanence in the city, almost camouflaged into the artwork itself, fascinated me. I saw the remains of buildings and graffiti as a memory of what used to be and have been left to change and decay into something completely new. This opened up many creative ideas for me.

Graduate Fashion Week 2018 Holly Harries 1

Where did your initial idea come from?

Being a Manchester creative myself I decided to create a project that would reflect me, my work and where I am from. I have grown up doing artwork and design and have been involved in exhibitions and events in the city that really inspired my collection. Seeing the new graffiti go up every week inspired my own paintings that I turned into prints for my final major project. All the prints were my own artwork, digitised then printed in China.

Graduate Fashion Week 2018 Holly Harries 2

Has any internships influenced you taking the menswear design path and style you have? 

I took the menswear route as I felt it was more of a challenge for me. The aim for me was to bring something new to the table for men’s fashion. I often have male friends asking where is the best place to shop to find something unique so the can stand out because they are bored of what they’re finding on the high street. I have always been interested in menswear because of how the details and finishes you can add to the garments make them more relevant and interesting. During my time at BLNK Ltd I was given quite a lot of creative control. I did a lot of menswear design for A/W and also some graphic illustrations for prints on t-shirts.

Graduate Fashion Week 2018 Holly Harries 3

What direction has this past year inspired you to take with your future career? 

For my future career I would ideally like to work for a company for a few years to build up my confidence and knowledge of the fashion industry, hopefully also bringing some new fresh ideas to the company myself.

What inspired your colour pallet?

I used tonal greys and beiges in my colour pallet to convey the idea of decay and deconstruction of the artwork and architecture that initially inspired my designs. I also wanted the prints to look very urban and wearable as well as to look like a camouflage in the streets.

What direction would you take the follow on collection were you to do so?

If I was to do a follow up collection I definitely would use my own paintings or drawings as prints again as it is very personal to me. The prints would have to be inspired by the concept but have a completely different feel to the first collection. I enjoyed waterproofing my fabrics so I would like to do another collection with nylons. They were very tricky to work with, but I think the outcome is very successful.

Graduate Fashion Week 2018 Holly Harries 5

Fabrics used in looks:

  • 100% Beige Nylon /with Prints
  • 100% Olive Green Nylon
  • 100% Cotton Canvas (Heavy Weight) /with Prints
  • 50% Silk 50% Cotton /with Prints
  • 80% Cotton 20% Polyester Jersey/ with Prints Used on Wrong Side
  • Black Satin for Linings

Holly Harries – University of Salford

Instagram: @hollyharrie_s / @_hh_designs / @hhtheartist

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