Graduate Fashion Week 2018 – Jade Scanlon

Yet another academic year has come and gone and with it a new class of Fashion students graduate. This year’s standard of BA collections was as high as ever, making it exceptionally hard to focus on key individuals. But we couldn’t help but be overly impressed, enthused and curious by a handful of students certainly set to take the industry in their stride… over to you Jade Scanlon.

Jade Scanlon – Northumbria University

Nowadays a brand is about so much more than just the clothes. Jade Scanlon has brilliantly branded her own graduate looks, and supported the street wear styles with a fantastic fashion film that we cannot stop watching!

What was the basic path that your research took to form your final concept?

I began researching for a concept for my final collation in third year (2017). I started by looking at the news to see what was out there. Legalising Medical Cannabis was, and still is a huge topic in the media. It was Vera Twomey who inspired the initial concept of ‘Legalising Medical Cannabis in Ireland and the United Kingdom’ for my final year collection. Vera Twomey is a well-recognised activist in Ireland; a determined mother, and an amazingly strong woman. She sparked huge media attention and raised awareness across the country in 2016. She walked 260+km from Co. Cork to the Dáil (Parliament) in Co. Dublin as part of a campaign strategy in the hope to get a Medical licence for her daughter who suffers from Dravet’s Syndrome. The campaign actions by Twomey encouraged me to continue with my concept of legalising medical cannabis through to final year.

Graduate Fashion Week 2018 Jade Scanlon 2

Where did your initial idea come from?

I wanted my concept to be fun, intriguing and innovative. I travelled California during the summer before final year. Here I gathered lots of inspiration for prints and I took a lot of photos for my concept book. Travelling around California really helped me to develop my concept from being controversial, to making it an exciting, fun and quirky concept. While travelling California I had the opportunity to research Medical Cannabis (as it is legal there) as well as photograph architecture and street style. I visited many art galleries and exhibitions which inspired many design features and prints. My favourite contemporary art museum was The Broad in Los Angeles. The building itself inspired design elements in my prints and the art inside was very cool, quirky and fun. When I returned to University I started to research fashion activism, military influences and American street gangs who promoted peace rather than violence. I also wanted to make my concept personal, so I added in my granny Mary Kirby to the mix, she was a huge inspiration. After a lot of research the concept evolved and became “Grandmas Neighbourhood Watch” not your average neighbourhood watch, the collection is about crime prevention decriminalisation and the right to live a healthy life.

What inspired your colour pallet?

The colour palette for my collection developed from cancerous tumour tissue, brain scans and military influences. The palette ranges from military khakis and black to bright vibrant pinks, blues and greens.

Graduate Fashion Week 2018 Jade Scanlon 3

Have any internships influenced you taking the menswear design path and style you have? 

I previously interned for Boss Orange Men, Hugo Boss and for the Billabong Group at The Element Brand. Both internships influenced my approaches to going about my collection from research, fabric selection through to design.

Golf Wang, by Tyler the Creator is a brand known for its eye-catching quirky print and graphics. The brand inspired my fun and quirky approaches to menswear. This brand encouraged me to have the freedom to design what I want in relation to prints and colours, and that menswear can be bright, vibrant and quirky and still have a cool, streetwear aura.

Graduate Fashion Week 2018 Jade Scanlon 4

What direction has this inspired you to take with your future career? 

The brand that I created “Healers Not Dealers” is influenced around its mission statement: Crime Prevention Decriminalisation and the right to live a healthy life. We are a community. We are a family. We raise awareness of the benefits of medical cannabis. We are the voices for those who are suffering and in pain. We are not thugs, we are not criminals. We are strong in our beliefs. We are the neighbourhood watch. We are Healers Not Dealers.

Graduate Fashion Week 2018 Jade Scanlon 5

I would love have the opportunity to design for a brand that has a mission; whether it be to help make the world a better place through sustainable actions, or change the lives of people through the power of sport. I am very interested in streetwear, men’s outwear and sportswear. I tried to inject elements of these three into my collection, whilst keeping my collection unique and true to my brand.

Graduate Fashion Week 2018 Jade Scanlon 6

The fabrics used in the collection are:

Waxed Cotton, 100% Italian Wool Knit, Velvet Devore and Silk Viscose Devore which I printed. Cotton drill and Cotton jersey which I Printed and Faux Fur.

Jade Scanalon – Fashion Design & Marketing, Northumbria University

Instagram: @healersnot_dealers

Models: Dan Hurst and Tim Swales

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