Kingsman: The Golden Circle X MR PORTER

Kingsman: The Secret Service was one of the most stylish films we can remember – London, Savile Row, tailoring, MR PORTER and Michael Caine came together to create a world of gentlemen spies, and we loved it.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Much to our delight Kingsman and MR PORTER have teamed up once again to deliver more curated British luxury. MR PORTER and director Mr Matthew Vaughn have created a bespoke collection from Ms Arianne Phillips’ costume design for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The focus is on British heritage, with cloths sourced from traditional mills and hand-picked collaborations with classic brands.

Kingsman X MR PORTER Suit

Much like the first film, a number of British heritage brands were given the call to once again step up and deliver: Turnbull and Asser, George Cleverley, Cutler and Gross and Drake’s just to name a few. These carefully selected brands did what they do best and produced a range of pieces, many handmade, to be part of the Kingsman collection.

Then there’s the suit. The suit defines what Kingsman is about. The double breasted silhouette has been given a more contemporary look, cutting it slim and a leaving it a little bit shorter in the jacket than what might be traditionally expected.

Kingsman X MR PORTER Spy

Toby Bateman has spoken previously about the partnership stating:

‘I hope what MR PORTER has achieved through Kingsman is a new brand for a modern gentleman.’

Toby Bateman, Buying Director at MR PORTER.

Kingsman X MR PORTER Orange Blazer

The new film, The Golden Circle, introduces the American spy organisation ‘Statesman’.

The US counterpart to the Kingsman agents, the Statesman run a Kentucky bourbon distillery and dress in a range of rugged American classics.

Kingsman X MR PORTER Statesman

The new collection includes jeans from Jean Shop, padded vests from Rocky Mountain Featherbed, bomber jackets from Mister Freedom and — of course — cowboy hats from Stetson. Yee-haw, indeed.

Kingsman X MR PORTER Shearling

To shop the full collection click here.

…And now let us bring to your attention to the new Kingsman X MR PORTER shop.

Kingsman X MR PORTER Kingsman Shop

Kingsman X MR PORTER St James' Street

From 9 September for a short time, MR PORTER will be setting up shop next to Berry Bros. They’ve filled it with clothes and accessories from the latest Kingsman collection.

Kingsman X MR PORTER British

4 St James Street

Which Kingsman tribe do you subscribe to: Savile Row suave or rugged Americana?

Feel like stepping into the world of a gentleman spy? Click here.



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