Kirk Originals launch on The Rake

Spring/ Summer 2018 has been a fantastic season for the gentleman’s style: striped suits, eighties tailoring and short shorts made a revival (still not sure how I feel about that one)! In addition, with one of the hottest summers on record, British S/S style has evolved with English eyewear brand Kirk Originals delivering bold, handmade sunglasses to fashion focused sun worshipers. Now, joining MR PORTER as a key stockist for the brand, Kirk Originals launch on the The Rake with their Made in England SS18 collection.

“The Modern voice of classic elegance”, The Rake is an ideal fit for Kirk Originals who’s classic styles can be traced back to 1919. The spectacle brand take key design influences are classic 50’s and 60’s styles, but their products have a modern, on trend, yet timeless twist.

The well-regarded retailer and digital platform for  ‘The world’s leading luxury men’s style and lifestyle magazine for men with taste’ describes Kirk Originalselegant eyewear as ‘Sunglasses for rainy days… for  the city- dweller who wants to look cool and isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd with a bold accessory’.

Kirk Originals launch on The Rake Summer

Kirk Originals sits proudly among other luxury brands such as Richard James, Huntsman, Dior Homme and Rolex on Each bold, clean-lined pair is entirely handmade in a process that takes three days to complete. Unlike most, these craftsmen carve the frames out of a solid block as opposed to a sheet. Furthermore, Kirk Originals’ silky rounded edges have been obtained through the numerous tumbling processes each pair of glasses goes through during its production.

Kirk Originals launch on The Rake Sun

So, if you’re still to select your ‘sunnies’ this summer, we recommend you take a trip to The Rake Online and treat yourself to a luxurious pair of Kirk Originals. It may be August but this brand’s classic style is a timeless choice, plus, we are expecting this spectacular sun until October, so really what is your excuse?! Flaunt those frames in this flaming heat and feel fabulously fashionable this season.

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