Lamler Launch Pop-Up Shoreditch Store

Isn’t it typical that multiple menswear events happened to be held on the same night!? However there was no way we were missing Lamler’s pop-up launch.

A soon as I walked I noticed in the window hung a large white block from steel chains to mimic the logo. Somehow big and bold yet subtly minimalist. It was immediately clear that Helen, Lamler’s designer, possesses an exceptionally tasteful and modern eye.

The temporary store has the beauty of an exhibition space; 6ft square geometric paintings cover the walls, each of which are original artworks by Helen and key inspiration for the brand’s Macs. The bright and bold coats made it obviously evident just how much thought was put into making the prints beautifully subtle in order to suit the modern man.

Now onto the CEO’s choice of drinks menu for the evening; providing a “taste of Devon” with beverages that are produced locally to the brand’s base went down a treat. I was particularly a fan of Wicked Wolf Gin and Lyme Bay Winery’s mead which was great for the cold I flaunted at the event with its honey base! These were all complemented well with old smoked cheese and crackers by Quickes.

Despite all the amazing sensually stimulating aspects of the event the garments definitely were the focal point.  Perfectly styled mannequins sat in seaside-esq pebbles down the length of the store, each with individually striking outwear.

The new generation of country/ city outerwear is a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and relaxed luxury style. The items crafted by specialists at Macintosh combine durability and understated individuality.

The single silhouette that Lamler developed in depth is the Atlantic trench. Horn buttons, 3 large pockets and holes for charging wires these products are carefully crafted to age well and address the modern man’s requirements perfectly. You’d be mad not to check them out!

Also at the event we met the brain’s behind Nosakhari, a beautiful, modern androgynous leather bag company. Their  aim is to confront challenges of expressing individuality in today’s society, this London based minimalist design accessory label has the ideal products for everyday -evening attire. Newly stocked by MATCHES we suggest you keep an eye on this brand!

Yet again Lamler astounded us with their attention to detail and desirable designs. Their London located pop-up shop is open until 3rd December. Visit them at 45 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch, for a luxury shopping experience with a twist.

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