London Fashion Week Mens 2018 Review

London Fashion Week Mens is where the best of British fashion showcase their work. This year saw some controversy with quite a few big brands dropping out of LFWM 2018 to combine their men’s and women’s catwalks and show at London Fashion week in February. As a result, there was divided opinion on just how successful LFWM 2018 would be, with some left thinking, is this the beginning of the end? Others however, were more excited at the prospect of more opportunities for new up-and-coming brands to take the limelight.

Dermot O’Leary perhaps summed it up best by suggesting there was a good 50/50 split with great heritage brands sitting alongside the younger designers this year.

LFWM 2018 - Ben Sherman x House of Holland - AW 2018 Menswear - Vogue
Ben Sherman x House of Holland – A/W 2018 Menswear – Vogue

Despite controversy London’s  three day stint exhibited pure genius in the way of fashion and design from both old and new talents.

Day one immediately established orange is key. The initial day saw an inspiring capsule catwalk from off the cuff / ldn favourite, Ben Sherman collaborating with House of Holland. A classic colour palette of Ben Sherman’s was used to highlight amazing prints and textures; from silk to shearling. Patches helped create a sportswear style with a twist. Single striped trousers, training jackets and of course colour complimentary trainers screamed a day at the members only spa and sports complex as opposed to diving around on a muddy field.

LFWM 2018 Ben Sherman x House of Holland - A/W 2018 Menswear - Vogue
Ben Sherman x House of Holland – A/W 2018 Menswear – Vogue

Day two. One word. Orange (again). Christopher Raeburn brought womenswear to the menswear catwalk and showcased creative practicality through stylish ski jackets: lightweight puffa jackets of every length; pockets EVERYWHERE; and attachments for EVERYTHING… boots, matching gloves, and … was that a whistle? Intrigued, we were left with several questions for the top designer: how do you get into the crossbody fastening of the fisherman style waterproof? What fabric are those cuffed trousers, and why do they work so well with those pale stone high-tops?! all these question from what was just one design from the presentation! The outfit as a whole however worked well, really well. The creative sea-creature sweater and beanie; wearable yet has that extra element of individuality and fun.

LFWM 2018 Christopher Raeburn - A/W 2018 Menswear - Vogue
Christopher Raeburn – A/W 2018 Menswear – Vogue

Belstaff were another brand that showcased both men’s and women’s styles at their presentation on day three of LFWM 2018. Main colours included a coral-red, browns, and of course a hint of orange! We were particularly fond of the look consisting of a shearling lined leather jacket, a bright striped polo-neck, jeans and big biker boots.

LFWM 2018 Belstaff - AW 2018 Menswear
LFWM 2018 Belstaff – AW 2018 Menswear – Getty Images

Like on the catwalk, or now plinth, layers, lots of layers were a street style must this men’s fashion week. Whatever fabric, garment or colour you wish to layer, as long as you layer you’re good it seems! The main colour on the street was a stone washed blue (as well as orange – shock). Streetwear was the main style: a lot of sports branding, patch badges and picture tees could be found. Classic, sporty single striped trousers along with hoodies also featured prevalently. All of this and a hint of tweed created the perfect street-style look.

LFWM 2018 Street Style - London Fashion Week Men’s A/W 2018
LFWM 2018 Street Style – London Fashion Week Mens’ A/W 2018 – Highsnobiety

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