A quick stop at London Fashion Week September 2017

London Fashion Week September 2017 came and went in a flash of fabulous creativity.

There were so many amazing shows with incredibly crafted collections that it pains me to pick my favourite of the menswear offerings, but here goes!

London Fashion Week September shows

The closing show by Tommy Hilfiger could not be missed. The collection consisted of a multitude of colour blocking with the brand’s classic colours. Aviation jackets were dominant garments on the catwalk with every jacket style you could imagine featured.

London Fashion Week September - Tommy Hilfiger jacket

A Denis the Menis red and black striped turtleneck under layer was a reoccurring theme that tied the looks from the collection. The long sleeves of the base layer garments ensured flashes of the pattern and featured thumb-holes.

London Fashion Week September - Tommy Hilfiger turtle neck

Burberry are another brand that deserve a mention. As expected, the fashion house’s classic Burberry check was featured. Contemporary, brightly coloured tartans, flashes of accent colours and borders of print accompanied it. Grandma knits were also key to the catwalk. The soft knit oddly complimented the straight cut silhouettes that dominated the designs.

Burberry Check LFW September 2017 - London Fashion Week September

Burberry Check London Fashion Week September 2017

Somerset House after show

A new resident of London Town, I was fortunate enough to catch the street style of the last show for the latest iconic London Fashion Week. Tommy Hilfiger momentously closed the event with his first catwalk that combined the brand’s men’s and women’s collection in one giant see-now-buy-now show.

The navy blazer proved to be very popular at the after event that celebrated the show and closed of the marvellously memorable “week”. This favoured garment created a sea of style in the grand Somerset House courtyard.

London Fashion Week September - Somerset House

Out and about

The first individual outfit to attract my attention was that of a stylish gentleman named Afan O’Donovan, Press Officer at Alexander McQueen. I particularly loved his Egyptian print black and white t-shirt.  A predominantly black outfit with flashes of yellow and red were an echo of the trends that emerged from the Ralph Lauren show. The yellow t-shirt highlighted his fashionable use of layering and the red patch on his interesting cross body bag further supported this. Similarities to the new Ralph Lauren style continued with a perfectly tailored leather jacket also adding that extra quality to the outfit.

London Fashion Week September - Arfan O'Donovan

I had to snap fashion personnel Faiyaz and photographer Jiawa Liu just because of their amazing dress sense. Fiayaz, Singapore born writer, photographer, creative director and stylist is featured here with a leather Loewe bag. I am in awe of how he has used his talents to create such a minimal yet, unique and gorgeous colour pallet within his outfit. I particularly like the combination of the muted salmon turtleneck with the stonewashed mac featuring tan turn-ups.

Jiawa is photographed in the most amazing mix of Tommy Hilfiger clothing which has been accessorised with a gorgeously glamorous Givenchy bag. I’m in love with her duel patterned, loose-legged trousers that exude luxury and style. Further fashionable looks can be found on the pair’s Instagram accounts.

Follow Faiyaz @fixated_f and Jiawa @beigerenegade

London Fashion Week September - Faiyaz and Jiawa

Another fashionable pair visiting the event was photographer, stylist, writer and creative assistant Collen Demerez and his muse, model Jean Hunter-Holmes.

Hunter- Holmes sported a classic cut Saint Laurent leather jacket with luxurious quilted sleeves, teaming it with jeans, a t-shirt and high-tops to create a fresh yet timeless outfit.  Whilst Demerez styled a mix of Zara and Topman pieces into a perfect smart-casual combination.

London Fashion Week September - Collen Demerez and Jean Hunter-Holmes

I also can’t not feature the lovely and meticulously dressed Ferrivamo. His timeless Topman pale blue summer blazer was the focal point of the outfit.  A pink satin pocket square in the breast pocket further accentuates the piece and draws in the eye… whilst the jacket’s white detailing was highlighted by his white trousers. The matching tones of his shirt and shoes also complimented the outfit brilliantly. This modern gentleman completed the look through aesthetically accessorising with: Tom Ford glasses, a Hermes belt, and a lovely, luxurious leather bag all in black.

London Fashion Week September - Ferrivamo

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