MacGregor & MacDuff pop-up in Shoreditch

What do punks, the fashion industry and Scottish tradition all have in common right now? Tartan of course.

Tartan and the kilt are becoming increasingly on trend and not just for a Scotsman. The number of gentlemen choosing the kilt for their occasion attire has spiked, so, it is of no surprise that Scotland’s most innovative highland-wear providers, MacGregor & MacDuff, have chosen to hold their first pop-up shop in the heart of Shoreditch from the 10th-18th of March.

This exclusive brand has been providing bespoke fitting services since it was established in Glasgow in 1979 and since 2017 talented representatives have been travelling down to London fortnightly so that the South remains connected to such important heritage and so that customer’s can benefit from their award winning fitting services with ease.

An incredibly successful year encouraged MacGregor & Macduff to hold a pop-up boutique at 32 Charlotte Road, London to showcase their exclusive tartan ranges and new heritage collection, including the unique yet classic tartan brogue.

MacGregor & MacDuff brogue
Image courtesy of Christopher Sutherland

Off The Cuff LDN were fortunate enough to attend the exclusive launch of this event. We were lucky enough to view the quality craftsmanship of the distict, woven kilts and accessories up close, as well as meet some of the friendly faces behind the brand.

MacGregor & MacDuff
Image courtesy of Christopher Sutherland

The woven artisanal skills involved in the production of a MacGregor & Macduff kilt have been passed down through the generations meaning the 4,000 plus designs available are an ideal combination for new and classic styles. The brand that began with eight people has now expanded to employ 68 skilled workers, some of which are down for the duration of the pop-up shop to oversee the bespoke fits (book online here).

MacGregor & MacDuff tartan
Image courtesy of Christopher Sutherland

A  range of MacGregor & Macduff’s products use a tartan they have designed that pays homage to traditional patterns with a new modern spin. In this collection they have reduced the colour to emphasise the traditional connections with Scotland. The woven fabric was once dyed using vegetable dyes but this has since been replaced with modern methods.

MacGregor & MacDuff Scot
Image courtesy of Christopher Sutherland

It was rumoured that the most experienced specialist is able to make a high quality kilt within a day, however the duration of production is usually 2 to 3 days in order to ensure the garment is perfect.

MacGregor & MacDuff kilt
Image courtesy of Christopher Sutherland

We also got chatting to Nick from The House of Edgar at the event, not only MacGregor & Macduff’s main tartan fabric suppliers, but the globe’s. The business has now been passed down through several generations, and the owner remains passionate and incredibly knowledgeable on his subject. The House of Edgar uses a unique mix of modern and traditional methods to produce both their traditional and modern fabric designs. The fabric supplier also offers a bespoke tartan design service. Having noticed the increasing popularity of tartan in multiple industries world wide, the production company now plans to build its online presence. With the CEO of The House of Edgar and MacGregor & Macduff hailing from the same town, the Scottish passion of the two brands really shines through and the exclusive designs they produce together really are exceptional.

After an inspirational evening we’re all now planning on adding a kilt to our capsule wardrobes and where better to go than MacGregor & Macduff, the “King of Kilts” and providers of specialist highlandwear services? If you are in London this week make sure you pop by Shoreditch for a uniquely fantastic shopping experience that combines the old and new! The guys are over at 32, Charlotte Road until Sunday 18th March!

MacGregor & MacDuff appointment
Image courtesy of Christopher Sutherland

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