End of Summer essentials with Protest

Don’t give up on Summer just yet! Book yourself a last minute getaway and check out our roundup from the Surf, Snow and Lifestyle brand Protest.

With SS17 now drawing to a close we wanted to beat the sudden cold snap so we took a few Summer essentials over to Kefalonia for one last shoot with the guys from Protest.

Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia

Protest are a Surf, Snow and Lifestyle brand based in Holland, which to some, might seem a little strange, given that Holland is one of the flattest places around (home to exactly five hills and fourteen waves).

So, the guys who founded Protest (a small group of Dutch snowboarders) clearly thought, ‘To hell with logic, to hell with obstacles, let’s do what we love’. Since day one, they’ve been doing their part to make the world a better place for boarders, both on the slopes and in the water.

Protest have done this by designing fashionable and functional sportswear at an affordable price.


A design-led board-wear company from Holland founded in 1993.

The brands philosophy aims to remind the world that boarding is fun.

…And they inspire non-boarders with their belief that everyone can have a great time on the slopes or on the waves.

[su_quote cite=”Protest”]We create fashionable and functional board-wear for boarders on all levels.[/su_quote]

Protest’s fully functional board wear reflects the latest trends in styles and colours. They believe in keeping a strong focus on details: materials, zippers, applications, embroideries, stitchings, fabrics, textures, finishes, and washes. This is what gives their range a rich and exclusive look.

Off the Cuff LDN X Protest Generator
Protest – Generator

[su_quote cite=”Protest”]Design is the fuel that keeps protest moving.[/su_quote]

The Summer collection features a full range of highly stylish swimwear along with a series of more technical board shorts. Protest’s design team includes sixteen designers with international backgrounds in sports and fashion.

In addition, the brand have a global network that include international fashion gurus and innovative partners from the fashion and textile industry who enable them to work with state-of-the-art technology and the latest fashion trends.

Each season, they use input from Tokyo to New York to create the latest fashion-forward designs. Their designs include the use of new construction techniques and fabric technology developments Including highly waterproof and breathable fabrics. 


The Pinga flip-flop

With Birkenstocks becoming so popular this summer everyone seemed to have a pair. I wanted to find an alternative form footwear that could handle the high temperatures of Greece but were still sturdy enough for the different types of terrain around the island. I had a chat with the guys over at Protest and they recommended the Pinga flip-flops and they didn’t disappoint!

Off The Cuff LDN X Protest Pinga flip flop
Pinga flip-flops


Off the Cuff LDN X Protest Pinga footwear
Pinga flip-flops


Off the Cuff LDN X Protest Pinga Sandal
Pinga flip-flops


The Generator beach shorts

Possibly my favourite of all the Summer shorts was the Generator beach shorts in sangria.

The  block colours on these shorts are striking and the orange drawstring compliments the two-tone melange print perfectly. The beach shorts are perfectly adapted for the water and provide a lasting design while the Velcro closure provides an extra secure and comfortable fit.

Off the Cuff LDN X Protest Generator Swim Short
Generator Swim Short


The Issue beach shorts

The Issue beach shorts come in a wide variety of contrasting wide stripes. My favourite colour scheme was the dominant navy broken up nicely by the lighter green stripe. The design is then mirrored delightfully in the drawstring. What I really liked about these shorts was the fit and comfort; a neat slit at the side leg allows for extra manoeuvrability and really is noticeable when going about your beach activities.

Off the Cuff LDN X Protest Issue Swim Short
Issue beach shorts


The Profit beach shorts

The design on these shorts is incredible. I went for the washed yellow as it portrayed a distinct all-over tropical photo print. I took these shorts down to the beach in Myrtos and they stood the test of a day on the jet skis. Not only are they great to look at, you can get in and out of the water all day, every day and not worry about the quality letting you down with the Protest Profit beach shorts.

Off the Cuff LDN X Protest Profit Swim Short
Profit beach shorts


The Radius beach shorts

Much like the Issue beach shorts, the Radius beach shorts come in a vibrant array of  cotton washed botanical and striped prints. The design on these shorts was the most elaborate of those that I picked but I really appreciated how the oranges and different shades of blue worked to produce a superb finish. The segmented colour scheme comes together to create a real eye-catching look on the beach.

Off the Cuff LDN X Protest Radius Swim Short
Radius beach shorts


Off the Cuff LDN X Protest Radius
Radius beach shorts

Be sure to check out Protest’s full summer range here before you book your last minute getaway!



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