From London to Rome with the RichingsGreetham Travel Pouch

A few weeks back, myself and the team flew out to Rome to cover a few shoots. Unfortunately, on our previous trip to Vilnius, Lithuania I had lost my document holder (luckily it didn’t contain my passport or any other valuables at the time!). So, when planning this next venture it soon became apparent that I was without a key travel accessory.

Just before we finalised our plans for the trip I was contacted by an amazing accessories brand; RichingsGreetham. I’d noticed their products before and I knew that they weren’t just another ‘mass produced based brand’. Their products adhere to three key principles: quality, function and longevity (something that really ties in with our philosophy here at OTC).

I got chatting to the guys over at RichingsGreetham and they were kind enough to supply me with one of their tremendous travel pouches for our trip.

RichingsGreetham Fly

My first thoughts on the pouch were how stylish and authentic it looked. Perfectly designed and extremely easy on the eye I soon realised that it wasn’t just the looks that would impress me about this particular product.

Not only was the piece aesthetically pleasing but it was extremely practical too. The pouch more than capably dealt with my initial travel documents and meant check-in and security was a breeze. I threw in a few other accessories and my writing kit ready for the plane and for when we touched down in Rome.

The pouch had so far lived up to the RichingsGreetham ethos; quality, function and longevity.

RichingsGreetham Fashion

Now on to the real field test.

Just before we set out on the first day I decided to go without a jacket, the temperature was in the high twenties so it turned out to be a wise choice. Without a jacket meant I had less storage space for my accessories but RichingsGreetham had me covered as the 175mm X 255mm pouch allowed me ample space for my phone, wallet, sunglasses and writing kit as we headed out to the Colosseum.

RichingsGreetham Travel Pouch

The Swiss made Riri zip meant that all my accessories were easily accessible through a smooth and positive action as we darted about the area.

RichingsGreetham Leather

After exploring the area and getting the shots we needed from the Colosseum we decided to grab a bite to eat (and a few wines) at a nearby restaurant. We packed up the pouch with our essentials and headed over to Aroma.

RichingsGreetham Restaurant

RichingsGreetham Accessories

After a lovely late lunch I once again pulled out the trust RichardGreetham pouch to pay. The Riri zips kept the pouch secure and there was no danger of losing any cash and being left red faced when the bill arrived!

As the evening began to close in we decided to have one more stroll by the Colosseum as we embarked on our journey back to our hotel following a successful day.

RichingsGreetham Travel

RichingsGreetham have produced an ideal product for the travelling gentleman. The pouch was perfect for darting about Rome and I’m looking forward to many more journeys with my new favourite accessory, safe in the knowledge that the piece will only get better with time. A truly brilliant investment and character piece for my travels.

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