Staple Stripes Courtesy of Scotch & Soda

Stripes have stereotypically been connected with the French Parisian, who, historically has also been seen as incredibly chic. Stripes are perfect, not only for the stylish European, but are very complimentary to most men of varying body types. A key trend for the coming season, Scotch & Soda have introduced a fabulous range of striped pieces to go with their new offerings.

Scotch & Soda Striped Poplin Shirt
Striped Poplin Shirt

A statement staple piece for your wardrobe: this striped poplin shirt is an investment that will most certainly get its wear.  Perfect for any occasion, dress it up with a plain tie and tailored trousers or chinos. Alternatively, roll up the sleeves and match it with jeans and loafers/ boaters for an effortless, classic, smart casual look. Available in three different colour combinations consisting of blue and white… We say why not buy them all!

Scotch & Soda Block Striped Scarf
Block Striped Scarf

The season for scarves is fast approaching. It’s important that this key accessory compliments the rest of the visible outfit. With yet another relatively warm autumn predicted, but an equally freezing winter as well, it may be well worth buying both a light and woollen scarf for the future.

Both the Varsity Scarf and the Blocked Striped Scarf by Scotch & Soda are timeless items of fabulous quality; suitably on trend and stylish for most occasions, they are great options for your AW wardrobe.

Scotch & Soda Varsity Scarf
Varsity Scarf

The rich plum with royal blue and regal red accents of the Varsity Scarf suggest a rather gentlemanly demur. We’re big fans of the clubhouse colour combination of this wool blend woven neckwear.

Scotch & Soda Block Striped Tube Socks
Block Striped Tube Socks

You will have no excuse to ever lose or miss-match these block striped tube socks, with their bright sporting hues, brilliant for the AW fashion season that can often be dominated by dull tones. The striped stretch cotton fabric ensures maxiumm comfort and a portrays a rather preppy sporty look. Breathable but warm for winter, it is definitely worth adding at least one pair of these to your sock draw!

Scotch & Soda Mott Striped Tailored Trousers
Mott Striped Tailored Trousers

A slightly more daring purchase, these individual Mott-striped tailored trousers could be the most stylish item you ever purchase… but only if worn correctly and with confidence.

The super slim fit, along with the vertical stripes will compliment the leg fabulously, visually elongating and slimming. The warm and soft cotton twill dress trousers are available in two colour ways and have an alternative patterned, waistband lining.

Scotch & Soda Breton T-Shirt
Breton T-Shirt

The Breton t-shirt is a must have basic. Not only for this season, the Breton can be relied upon on time and time again to aid a classic, chic and casual outfit.

The slim, sophisticated stripes work perfectly on the stretch cotton fabric.  The stripes distract the eye and break up the outfit, advocating a modern, minimalistic style.

Horizontal or vertical, colourful or monochrome, smart or casual. We have only touched on the wide variety of striped styles available by Scotch & Soda for the coming season.  Not only a big trend for Autumn/ Winter but a staple style. So all we can say is invest invest, invest!


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