Suitsupply Launch Another Epic Campaign

Unapologetically bold, Suitsupply have developed a reputation for their outlandish campaigns. Having previously shot their SS15 video underwater at a millionaire’s mansion and their SS16 campaign imagery featured models super imposed on giant breasts. Each year the brand teams up with their photographer Carli Hermes to create the concept and imagery and this season again, falls nothing short of epic.

Rocket Man by Suitsupply


According to their press release;  The sky has always stood for hope; a blue span with endless potential. But to get there, you need precision as finely calculated as a slingshot trajectory to Saturn.

…And you need to be the right kind of man too, an obsessive, a pioneer. As humanity sets its sights back to space, to Mars, Pluto and beyond, it’s time to evoke a past when the future was bright and full of wonder. When rockets to the moon were built by brilliant, earthbound men, and reason and quiet brilliance ruled the day. The mission is infinite — so aim high.

Suitsupply rocket



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