Tengri X Huntsman – ‘Noble’ Yak Fabrics

‘Noble’ Yak Fabrics – Noble Yarns, Noble Ways

Sartorial patrons of one of the world’s most esteemed tailors can add a unique new cloth to their tailored collections following an exclusive collaboration between Savile Row’s Huntsman and London-based noble yarn specialist, Tengri. From the steppes of Mongolia to The Row, a bespoke new cloth woven with the noble fibres of the Mongolian Khangai yak hails a new wave of exclusive natural luxury.

The steppes of Mongolia

This extremely limited-edition cloth is woven from Tengri’s rare Khangai Noble Yarns – Mongolian yak fibres that are as soft as cashmere, warmer than merino wool, breathable and hypoallergenic. An ancient animal dating back 10,000 years, Khangai yak have hair with unique textures and colourings found only in species native to this region. The indigenous species not only graze on mineral-rich grasslands but exist in a distinctive ecosystem with micro-fluctuations in temperatures, causing the animal to produce fibres softer than those of any other yaks in Mongolia.

Mongolian yak herder

The journey of this exquisite fabric starts in the remote Khangai Mountains of western Mongolia, where its fibres are hand combed from the underbelly of indigenous yak just once a year by nomadic herders. The fibres are spun and woven in heritage mills of Yorkshire, where textile-manufacturing dates back to 1777, before arriving at Huntsman’s Savile Row premises in London. This bastion of tailoring has suited a long list of inspired patrons, from Clark Gable to Winston Churchill, Katharine Hepburn to Alexander McQueen.

The fibres are hand combed from the underbelly of indigenous yak just once a year
Yorkshire Heritage Mill – The family-owned R. Gledhill mill
Huntsman’s Savile Row premises in London

Launching in Tengri’s signature palettes, the exclusive fabrics will include unique natural colours only found in rare yaks of the Khangai Mountains. Unlike species found in China, Tibet and Nepal, the Khangai yaks produce rare natural tones, and the most precious of the new fabrics will introduce a rare ‘silver’ cloth. Additional colours will include natural tan and an exclusive brightened navy blue, processed by environmentally friendly dyes.

Unique natural colours only found in rare yaks of the Khangai Mountains

Each bespoke coat, made from 2.5 metres of Tengri cloth, will take the hand-combing of 50 Khangai yaks, and with only 100 grammes of fibres available from each yak just once a year, the new cloth is extremely limited in availability. Only 60 metres will be produced for Huntsman bespoke appointments, with each garment taking between 60-80 hours to craft by the prestigious establishment’s cutters and tailors.

Khangai Noble Yarns are naturally robust — resistant to water, moths, odours, pilling and fluff. The pure, untreated fabric is ideal for those with allergies. As well as being hypoallergenic, Tengri’s naturally thermal-regulating fabrics will work 5-10C harder than merino wool, yet are as soft as cashmere, light, breathable and strong. The bespoke Tengri cloth for Huntsman will show a beautifully soft hopsack weave, and is suitable for all seasons, with a fabric weight of 400gsm.

Waterproof Hopsack weave
[su_quote cite=”Pierre Lagrange, Owner of Huntsman”]At Huntsman, we have offered the ultimate in luxury tailoring for 167 years. We are dedicated to sourcing limited-edition luxury cloths, the very best available in the world at any time. To be working with Tengri and to discover this very unique fabric is truly special. The fibres of the Khangai yak, indigenous to this very specific region of Mongolia, transcend yak yarns and cloths currently available in the luxury market. With Tengri we are able to offer some very precious rare colours, and key for Huntsman, finding exquisite fabrics that stand up to the stresses and tests of time. A Huntsman garment should be able to endure for generations.

We are also very proud to be offering a truly sustainable option to our clients, there are not many luxuries in the world you can buy that help people, wildlife, and natural habitats. We fully support and embrace Tengri’s philosophy – ‘Noble Yarns, Noble Ways’.[/su_quote]

With award-winning environmental credentials, Tengri champions the sustainable manufacturing of prestige noble yak fibres. Unlike many textile companies, Tengri has a 100% transparent supply chain, ensuring the integrity of an ethical and premium product, made with the finest quality craftsmanship. Organic and all-natural Khangai yak fibres are sourced direct from cooperatives representing 4,500 nomadic herder families in Mongolia. By working with these cooperatives, Tengri helps to preserve the Mongolian landscape, protect its wildlife and support the herders’ way of life, which is threatened by rapid industrialisation and land degradation. Yaks are indigenous to Mongolia, and are a sustainable alternative to the country’s non-indigenous cashmere goats. When yaks graze, they eat just the top of the grass, promoting biodiversity and sustainability.

[su_quote cite=”Nancy Johnston, Founder of Tengri”]We are honoured to be working with one of the finest and long- standing tailors on Savile Row, an establishment which also happens to be the most innovative. It’s innovation that drives Tengri to push the boundaries of sustainable fashion and luxury goods, and our collaboration with Huntsman further realizes that luxury and sustainability do not have to be mutually exclusive. Huntsman patrons can feel confident in the knowledge that their bespoke garment made from Tengri fabrics takes a positive step to support the protection of wildlife, landscape, and a nomadic way of life that is currently threatened. The exclusive new cloth also celebrates our shared dedication to rich heritage, integrity, craftsmanship and style.[/su_quote]

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