The best of British cottons, woollens and linens with Old Town Clothing

The best of British cottons, woollens and linens with Old Town Clothing.

Old Town Clothing – to many London based ‘city kids’, you will automatically think of the quaint section of Clapham common, but it is also the name of a brilliant British based brand– Norfolk to be precise. The evolving range of everyday clothing is, where possible, comprised of British cottons, wools and linens.

Old Town Clothing wardrobe

The label takes inspiration from costumes of the past but entwines contemporary relevance in its collections. A brand of beautiful minimalism: the designers allow the construction of the garments to influence the overall looks, oozing simplicity and restraint. Each item is individually cut, sewn spectacularly and faultlessly finished, with the process taking around 6 weeks.

Old Town Clothing trousers

A favourite piece of ours is the Vauxhall high-back trousers. The slim (approximately 16 inches) and straight-ish leg looks great rolled up at the hem, giving off an Edwardian vibe. Wear with braces for the full look. Available in a long cut, as well as a multitude of fabrics from – Moleskin to Irish Linen – there’s a pair for everyone and every occasion!

Old Town Clothing Borough jacket

Drawn to another garment with a London title, OTC LDN love the Borough jacket with its loose, relaxed fit. The three button rever collar jacket is perfect for everyday attire. Outer patch and an inside pockets make the piece practical yet aesthetically pleasing and simplistic.

Old Town Clothing straight edge waistcoat

The straight edge waistcoat is exactly what it says on the tin. It marvellously matches the Borough jacket (also with patch pockets adorning the front). We particularly like that the back and facings of the unlined versions match the internal trim of the jackets!

Old Town Clothing Zoe Barker

Zoe Barker (also Norfolk based) has recently illustrated a day in the life of Old-Town: from pattern cutting to preparing packages for posting. A stunning sketch of the shop also helps to give you a taster of the character behind the brand. Congratulations to the artist who has won an award of excellence in this year’s Communication Arts Illustration Award for this project in pencil crayon!

Old Town Clothing Shop

We love Old Town and have no doubt that the brand are going to be a huge success. Check out their website and Instagram to learn more about this brilliant British brand and Zoe’s fantastic illustrations.

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