Working From Home With ASKET

Working From Home With ASKET.

What should I wear when working from home? A question many will be asking during these unprecedented times.

Working From Home With ASKET box

Above all, get dressed. Get up and dress with intention. It’s imperative to choose something you feel good in and reflects the task at hand. Whether it be a quick park run or working from home.

Our activities require specific outfits, if I’m exercising, I don some sportswear and as a result my mindset changes to exercise.

The same goes for working from home. Without the daily need for office wear, or suits, pairing a classic combination of a shirt and chinos has now become my working from home ensemble.

ASKET Beige Chino

Working From Home With ASKET - ASKET Oxford Shirt

Psychologically, having some kind of routine and focus allows us some degree of control in our lives while the outside world seems somewhat turbulent.

Working From Home With ASKET – Meaningful Essentials

Relaxing into a smart casual approach to dressing has done wonders for my productivity. Despite my love for suits and tailoring, I feel a smart casual look is more fitting to our current WFH climate.

Working From Home With ASKET. The Chino

ASKET’s inspiring range of meaningful essentials provided the perfect pieces to rethink my WFH wardrobe.

The ASKET Oxford Shirt is a classic. Every man should have an Oxford shirt taking pride of place in their wardrobe. ASKET offer this essential with a straight-cut silhouette and is made from 100% brushed soft American cotton. The piece is then fanatically finished with Mother of Pearl buttons.

Working From Home With ASKET

I chose to go with the Navy Oxford shirt. I love the way the Mother of Pearl buttons pop on top of the navy hue and consequently add an extra edge to a meaningful essential.

Cut from heavy Oxford cloth, this shirt will only get better with time. I’ll be wearing this ASKET shirt for years to come.

The comfort and durability of the piece really is a real highlight for me. It’s this comfort that champions it’s suitability for smart casual affairs and makes it the perfect WFH essential.

The ASKET Chino is the pinnacle of versatility. Generally, a well-considered wardrobe will be home to a ‘go to’ pair of trousers. This pair of chinos are your new ‘go to’ trousers.

Working From Home With ASKET. Sustainable Menswear

Opting for the beige chino I immediately felt that these trousers would feature heavily in my wardrobe rotation. Tailored from a mid-weight Italian cotton-satin weave, the fit was perfect with the material allowing for a hint of stretch.

One of the stand out features of the chino, for me, is the overlapping closure. I find that most modern chinos with this structure tend to be more comfortable and, on top of this, adds an air of sophistication to the garment a standard button or zipper cannot deliver.

In addition to the aforementioned ASKET Oxford shirt, I had the perfect working from home outfit.

Working From Home With ASKET – Sustainability

ASKET are pioneers of the menswear industry. Just recently they were recognised for their ‘Full Traceability Standard’ and achieved the World Changing Ideas Award.

With sustainability so important in the modern day world of men’s fashion, the ambition to combat the insufficient ‘Made in‘ standard is encouraging.

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