11 Brilliant Low Alcohol Beers For Sober October

11 Brilliant Low Alcohol Beers For Sober October.

Sober October has grown in popularity over the years. As more people look to scale down their drinking and become more aware of their alcohol intake, low/ no alcohol beer sales have rocketed.  This year, we wanted to help out by providing 11 brilliant low alcohol beers for Sober October.

vandeStreek Brewery

The vandeStreek brewery was set up by brothers Ronald and Sander Van De Streek. They began brewing beer in 2010 in their flat in Utrecht, the Netherlands. At first, the brothers had no intention of starting to brew commercially, but in 2013 they started a crowdfunding campaign and the brand was born.

vandeStreek Playground IPA Non-Alcoholic (<0.5%) 33cl (Vegan). – Amber in colour with a persistent lacy head, this non-alcoholic IPA is brewed with 5 types of American hops. The beer has all the citrus and tropical flavours you are looking for as well as a nice bitterness and a strong lasting finish.

Low Alcohol Beers For Sober October - vandeStreek Playground IPA Non-Alcoholic

vandeStreek Fruit Machine – Non-Alcoholic (<0.5%) (Vegan). – A fresh and fruity sour beer brewed with raspberry and blueberry which has almost no alcohol but lots of flavour. Made using Amarillo and Cascade hops.

Low Alcohol Beers For Sober October - vandeStreek-Playground-33cl-Can


Krombacher beers have been produced exclusively in the small town of Krombach. Nestling in the beautiful Siegerland Hills of Westfalia, central Germany and with production adhering to the German Beer Purity Law of 1516.

Relying on artistry, experience and above all passion, Krombacher’s 55 Master Brewers ensure no corners are cut in their pursuit of perfection.

Krombacher Pils Alkoholfrei (0,0%ABV) 33cl. – A natural thirst quencher with fine malt sweetness and zero alcohol. With the first taste it satisfies with its fresh hop aromas and its finish proves that this is a true Krombacher – clean, crisp and full-flavoured.


Krombacher Non-Alcoholic Weizen (<0.5%ABV) 50cl. – Fruity, fresh banana, light honey notes, fine yeast notes. Its full-bodiedness carries appreciably across the palate with fine aromas typical of a wheat beer. Removing the alcohol in no way detracts from the product, the beer is beautifully balanced with a finish to savour.


The Stiegl brewery grew out of what was a popular beer-making guesthouse called the ‘Bräuhaus an der Gstätten’.  It was first mentioned in written records on the 16th June 1492 and was located in Salzburg, Austria.  Over the past 500 plus years, the brewery has seen everything from immense joy and celebrations to fires, war, and economic turmoil but throughout, it has remained, playing a huge part in the city and country’s culture and history.  Even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart guzzled a few Stiegl beers in 18th century.

Stiegl Freibier ABV: 0.5%. – Appreciated in its homeland for its full-bodied, well balanced taste, Austrian Saphir hops provide aromatics to this unfiltered, ultra-refreshing non-alcoholic lager.


Stiegl Grapefruit Radler ABV: 2% 500ml can. – This naturally cloudy and zesty, thirst-quencher uses real grapefruit juice alongside Stiegl’s famous Goldbräu beer. The ultimate, refreshing ORIGINAL Radler.



Mikkeller was set up in Copenhagen in 2006 by maths and physics teacher Mikkel Borg Bjergsø. The award-winning, nomadic beer brand has released over 800 beers since its inception. Mikkeller now has brews available in 40 countries worldwide.

Mikkeller Energibajer 0.0% ABV. – Citrus notes with a malt backbone, ultra refreshing, lovely aromas of tropical fruit on the nose combined with a lightly acidic backbone and a refreshing finish.

Mikkeller Energibajer 0.0% ABV

Mikkeller Drink’in Berliner 2.7% ABV 330ml bottle. – A fruity and tart Berliner weisse – Drink’in Berliner has tropical notes, a nice acidic backbone and a light malty body. The palate is both fresh with the perfect amount of dryness.

Mikkeller Weird Weather 0.3% ABV 500ml can. – Mikkeller Weird Weather 0.3% is a hazy New England style IPA for those who need a beer without the alcohol.  The Danish craft beer company is crazy excited to introduce this new brew to the world.

To Øl

To Øl, which translates as ‘Two Beers’, initially came about as a student brewing project back in 2005, after Tore Gynther and Tobias Emil Jensen had a discussion on the merits of big brewers (or the lack of) with their college teacher – a certain Mikkel Borg Bjergsø.  Mikkel the teacher famously went on to set up Mikkeller and the students soon followed in his footsteps, founding To Øl in 2010.

To Øl Implosion Cloudy Alcohol Free Ale 0.0% ABV. – Packing enough of a punch to bend time and space into a singularity. This funky, fresh and cloudy brew is also an addition to our non-ABV range, proving that flavour should not be compromised in any circumstance, alcohol or no alcohol.

To Øl Implosion Cloudy Alcohol Free Ale 0.0% ABV

To Øl Under The Radar 0.4% ABV 33cl bottle. – A Non-Alcoholic Farmhouse Ale offering flavour, depth and complexity – this beer was three years in the making and offers wonderful pear and cider aromas, as well as a satisfying Riesling-like acidity.


Have you stocked up on  any Low Alcohol Beers For Sober October?

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