250 Years of Yardley London

250 Years of Yardley London

Recently, we had the honour of celebrating 250 years of the historically affluent brand, Yardley London. Taking place in The Navy Rooms, Somerset House, the venue was transformed into a spring dream.

250 Years of Yardley London Gentleman

It was fascinating to hear of the amazing history behind the exceptional, British brand: Jonathan Yardley obtained a royal warrant for the provision of all the soap in the city of London under Charles I reign. Unfortunately, the Great Fire of London destroyed the first incarnation of Yardley, along with the city. However, one element remained the same – Lavender!

250 Years of Yardley London Gentleman Elite Fragrance

It was incredibly interesting to learn that, after commissioning scientists to discover the most sought-after varieties of lavender, Lavandula Augustifolia was found. This unique species is still grown in England today and forms the basis of Yardley London’s signature range.

250 Years of Yardley London Spray

1770 saw a family by the name of Cleaver establish Yardley London – the soap and perfumery business we know today. Due to the popularity of the quintessentially English fragrance brand, the past century has seen a gradual global expansion. We are particularly thankful for the post-war introduction of their line for the grooming-conscious man! Additionally, major kudos to Yardley for sponsoring BRM in the F1!

Valuing heritage to the extreme, we love how Yardley embodies their rich and wonderful heritage with pride. It is so admirable that 250 years on they continue to create exquisite luxury items, carrying on a tradition and lineage that other perfumery houses can only aspire to!

250 Years of Yardley London Gentleman Elite

The birthday celebration of fine fragrance also included an exclusive preview of the re-launch of Yardley London’s classics fragrance collection. We love how the new packaging embodies both the traditions of the brand with a modern twist.

The brand announced to us that it is partnering with Superdrug this year as well. Together they have created a fabulously floral limited-edition collection of vegan beauty products. Like nearly all of Yardley London’s products these will be made in the UK!

The Gentleman’s signature collection remains a group of our favourite fragrances, with the five distinctive signature scents covering all characteristics and occasions for the modern and discerning man. The pocket spray version of the Urbane gentleman perfume guarantees to invigorate your daily grooming routine no matter where you are.

250 Years of Yardley London Gentleman Elite bottle

Happy Birthday Yardley London!

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