3 Simple Ways To Avoid A Family Car Lemon

3 Simple Ways To Avoid A Family Car Lemon.

If you have an old banger of a motor on your driveway and it’s time to get yourself a new set of wheels, you might be nervous about ending up with a lemon. We are not all mechanics and we don’t all know the ins and outs of what to look for when buying a new vehicle. Cars come in all different shapes and sizes nowadays. While a sporty little two seater might not be ideal for a family car, there are plenty of options out there for you. Family cars need to be fit for your family life. Take a look at these three simple ways to avoid a family car lemon.

Test drive

When you go and see a car, it’s crucial that you have a test drive. It doesn’t matter whether you are venturing to a dealer or taking a look at a car that someone is selling around the corner, you need to experience what it is like behind the wheel. If the owner or dealer won’t let you take a test drive, walk away. When you are driving the potential purchase, listen out for strange noises, thudding and bangs. These would signify faults. Get a feel for the car and ask yourself if you are enjoying the drive. Cars handle differently and accelerate at different speeds. For a faster and more exciting drive, a more modern SUV might be apt. If you aren’t too fussed about your motor and you want a simple vehicle that will get you from A to B, you won’t have to spend the Earth to avoid a lemon.

Used or new

When checking out cars, you might assume that a new car is the better option. The warranties are longer, you don’t have to worry about MOTs for a little while, and maintenance costs will be lower. However, by checking out nearly new Vauxhall cars at your local dealer, you’ll see just how reasonable used car deals can be. Nearly new means that you can enjoy driving a car with a lot of warranty left. You will also enjoy all mod cons without paying the full recommended retail price for the same car brand new. Go for a reliable make that will hold its value. Dealers can be the best places to venture to for used cars as you will always receive a three month warranty by law.


Buying a new car, whether used or brand new, is costly. You have the initial purchase price, insurance and tax. To minimize even further expenditure, think about buying a car that costs little to maintain. Obscure makes have parts that are harder to find and more costly. Go for a car that has exceptional fuel economy. Opt for a motor that runs at over forty miles to the gallon. This way you won’t be filling up with fuel every five minutes and a full tank of petrol will last. This is important if you are ferrying the kids to and from school, you commute for business, or you visit family at the weekends. Maintaining your vehicle needs to be cheap enough to make the car a valid purchase. Go to a dealership with a pal who knows a lot about cars. Have them take a look at the engine and assess whether or not it’s a good buy.

Follow this simple guide and you will avoid a family car lemon when you next purchase a new set of wheels.

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