COMING SOON – 3 St James’s Square

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to take a look around what will soon be the new private members’ wellness club, 3 St James’s Square.

I was greeted by Mark Chambers, CEO and founder of the project and he was kind enough to show me around the site.

At this stage it is important to stress that the space was very much a work in progress, however, as Mark showed me around, his passion and enthusiasm for the project quickly captured my imagination and replaced the vast space with a luxurious setting, perfect for business, fitness and relaxation.

The first thing that really struck me was the abundance of natural daylight streaming in through 6 skylights, with floor to ceiling windows at the front and rear of the building you’re greeted by an incredible architectural feature that you won’t find in any run of the mill wellness club/ gym.

3 St James's Square Gym

Walking through what will become the member’s lounge, luxury was clearly at the heart of the design. A perfect space to relax, socialise and do business perhaps by the fireplace, in the library or at what will be the champagne and juice bar opposite.

3 St James's Square Library

After discussing the members lounge, it became very clear that service at 3 St James’s Square will be paramount. All across the cub they are looking to combine a 21st century approach to technology with an unashamedly traditional passion for superlative personal service with a very British oriented butler and concierge service ready to meet your every need.


Next, we moved on what will be the spa area. Cleverly, the sauna has been positioned directly under one of the roof lights, giving it natural top-lighting in the day and a starry night view in the evening. A great feature in what will be a state of the art spa.

3 St James's Square Sauna

What impressed me next was the area for the spiral staircase, for me, quite a focal point within the site linking to the lower ground floor. Mark was able to show me concepts of the staircase which looked incredible… something quite unique to find in a wellness club.

3 St James's Square Gym

After descending down to the lower ground floor Mark explained how the gym has been designed to enhance each member’s experience. He spoke about how the equipment would be laid out in a way that gives a great feeling of personal space, combining low and high planters to create a uniquely beautiful environment.


Following on from the gym floor, we chatted about the ‘Mind and Body studio’ and how it will be something of a haven. The glass doors will concertina the pillars, giving a sense of openness and allowing the sensual aroma of a juniper wall to flow through the gym floor.

Finally, we strolled into the room where the ultimate boy’s toy will be situated. The golfing simulator will offer all the best golf courses in the world, the highest standard data collection equipment in the industry and private coaching with Tour experienced professional Jeremy Kavanagh, the 3 St James’s Square Golf Suite experience is truly unique and unrivalled in central London.

3 St James's Square Golf

Final Thoughts

Running a financial consultancy firm myself, I often don’t put my wellbeing first. After speaking to Mark and taking a look around the space, 3 St James’s Square will be exactly what I need; a chance for me to relax, look after myself and take care of business in a luxurious setting with unrivalled service. I can’t wait to see the completed space and Mark has been kind enough to invite me back to experience club for myself.

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