Relaxing at 3 St James’s Square

A few months back we were invited to tour the space that would soon become 3 St James’s Square.

Since then, the team have been hard at work preparing the club ready to provide a unique and personal service and deliver the new hallmark of wellbeing.

Prior to the official launch, Mark Chambers, CEO and founder of the project, was kind enough to invite us back to see how much progress had been made since the last time we popped by.

Upon entering 3SJS, the club couldn’t have looked more different from the first time I visited… The space and light features as you cross the threshold into the reception area are truly breathtaking, something that really must be witnessed first hand to comprehend completely.

The ever pleasant and most helpful Concierge was kind enough to take our coats before guiding us through the pristine reception area to meet Mark in the Lounge.

off the cuff ldn 3 st james's square luxury

The Lounge

The impressive reception area opens up into the warm and welcoming Lounge where I immediately noticed how well the parquet flooring complemented the natural light features. After a swift catch up with Mark I spotted a copy of the latest GQ and decided to have a quick read, I set up camp on one of the Chesterfield sofas next to the fire.

off the cuff ldn 3 st james's square leisureAs soon as I sat down to relax I received an urgent business call. Not a problem. I was able to quickly set up in the lounge and sort out a few emails.

off the cuff ldn 3 st james's square businessBack to relaxing by the fire.

off the cuff ldn 3 st james's square lounge

While unwinding in the lounge area it was clear to me that luxury was at the heart of the design. This space was an ideal place to relax, socialise and deal with unexpected calls/ emails if necessary! The fireplace feature along with the opulent furniture define grandeur and offered the perfect setting to de-stress after a busy day.

off the cuff ldn 3 st james's square relax

Located just next to the lounge was the glass Library. Presenting a slightly more private place for business, here I was able to catch up with a couple of our writers and discuss upcoming projects for OTC before returning to the lounge and ordering a drink from the bar.

off the cuff ldn 3 st james's square private members

The Champagne and Juice Bar

off the cuff ldn 3 st james's square champagne and juice bar

Opposite the Lounge sits the lavish Champagne and Juice Bar. As I sat down at the bar I appreciated a very clean and crisp aesthetic. What impressed me further was the Sommelier’s outstanding knowledge on classic cocktails (I thought I was pretty clued up myself but clearly not!)

I was able to sample three wonderfully made classics, (including my favourite; an old fashioned) while I awaited my spa treatment.

off the cuff ldn 3 st james's square drinks

The Sauna

Following on from my time time at the bar (time well spent!) I ventured through to what, for me, sets 3 St James’s apart. The magnificent decor continues through to a blue-grey wood panelled suite of purpose built rooms in the spa and wellness area.

I was able to get a quick peak at the sauna which took my breath away, unfortunately I was late for my treatment (too much time at the bar!) so I had to hurry along to the treatment room.

off the cuff ldn 3 st james's square sauna

Again, the natural light features shone through in the sauna room… literally. Even the sauna itself had a sky window which  I could imagine would be a tremendously unique experience during the darker winter evenings.

off the cuff ldn 3 st james's square skylit sauna

The Treatment Room

As I’ve mentioned already, I had booked in for a spa treatment with 3 St James’s.

Prior to my visit I’d had a look through the comprehensive treatment list and found a variety of amazing options on offer from leading brands Carita and iS Clinical.

I eventually settled on the men’s facial. I regularly work night shifts through my consultancy, so apart from being significantly sleep deprived my skin requires some attention from time to time!

Before the facial I was greeted by the ever professional team at the Butler’s Station. The all important desk hub could be described as the heartbeat of 3 St James’s. Upon entering the reception area of the club, the Butler’s Station is alerted to their arrival and can tailor their service around their visit, for example a freshly laundered gym kit or perhaps a spa robe for an appointment.

Here is where I met Lauren, my therapist for the day. Lauren immediately made me feel at ease and created a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere for my treatment.

The treatment room was simply, yet impeccably adorned and provided an inviting ambience with premium spa products neatly arranged throughout.

off the cuff ldn 3 st james's square carita


Lauren clearly knew her stuff, she was extremely knowledgeable about the treatment and took time to explain the benefits of the luxury products used.

After settling down onto the comfortable table Lauren returned to the room to commence the facial.

off the cuff ldn 3 st james's square massage

off the cuff ldn 3 st james's square facial

off the cuff ldn 3 st james's square relaxation

The treatment was perfect. It involved a variety of stages, including multiple breathing phases where I was asked to inhale a rejuvenating scent (an experience I hadn’t come across before!). Needless to say, I was left feeling both relaxed and refreshed.

off the cuff ldn 3 st james's square truefitt and hill

I can honestly say that it was one of the the best facials I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing, my only disappointment was when it was over!

The Spa Lounge

off the cuff ldn 3 st james's square spa lounge

Exiting the treatment room feeling revitalised I was guided through into another impressive space; the Spa Lounge.

The lounge has been cleverly designed to provide the ultimate in relaxation. Natural light gently filters through the sky windows and lights the room perfectly delivering a phenomenal reinvigorating aura. The team were always on hand to deliver refreshments (and champagne should I have desired) while I was able to sit back in some rather comfy chairs.

The Somadome

When I was eventually able to tear myself away from the lounge I was escorted to the final part of my day’s tour; the Somadome.

If you’ve never heard of a Somadome don’t worry, I hadn’t either. Quite groundbreaking technology, 3 St James’s are able to boast the UK’s first Somadome housed in their club. The futuristic pod is ‘a sanctuary of wellness in a world full of stress, noise and distractions’.

Users have the option to choose from eight customised, twenty minute guided meditation sessions, all while comfortably immersed in a dome of light.

off the cuff ldn 3 st james's square Somadome

Final thoughts…

Put simply, for me personally, 3 St James’s achieved what they have set out to do; they provided me with a new hallmark of wellbeing.

Not for a long time have I felt so relaxed and looked after. This private members’ club is truly a cut above the rest and offers a far more personal service than I have encountered anywhere else in London.

As part of our ongoing relationship with 3 St James’s we will be revisiting the club to check out more of their fantastic facilities. Watch this space!

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