4 reasons why the future of tech is green

When it comes to the future of technology, we all have different ideas about what that might look like – but in the modern day, some of those futuristic designs are becoming a reality, from electric cars to automated robots and machinery working in factories, businesses or even in retail. But one thing that’s becoming more and more prevalent is the concept of tech being ‘green,’ being kinder to the environment and all-around having less impact on the world around us.

So, why is the future of tech becoming more and more green? Read on for just a few reasons:

1. It’s required by law

Under the law in the UK, more and more green options are becoming far less optional. From the introduction of the increased tax on non-electric vehicles to the requirement for the majority of counties to offer recycling services to homes, the government is making a push for eco-friendliness for both individual people and large businesses to reduce our impact on the planet. This means that tech in the UK has no choice but to become more green, to meet the standards set by law.

2. More and more people are expecting eco-friendliness from big brands

As more and more people become aware of the effect of throw-away technology on our environment, there’s more of a need to offer eco-friendliness as part of the service when it comes to the big tech companies. Especially in the younger generation, the concept of single-use plastics or non-recyclables is increasingly becoming an issue, making it a must for tech companies to integrate these features into their products.

From packaging to production, internal technology to the details used to diversify a product, consumers expect companies to be eco-friendlier, which in turn makes tech more green with each production cycle.

3. It’s easier than ever to produce green technology

With green technology a hot topic, there’s now plenty of research and development placed into the sector. Making it easier and more convenient than it has been in the past for tech companies to integrate greener options or features into their products, or even include settings or choices on larger electrical appliances that are more eco-friendly, such as an eco-wash cycle on a washing machine or dishwasher. Part of what makes tech tick is competition, so all it takes for green technology to impact industry is one company introducing a more eco-friendly option for every company to get involved.

4. It provides additional, needed customer services

For any modern tech company that offers products directly to consumers, customer service is of top importance. For customers, this means once a product has passed its sell-by date or is simply out of repair, offering recycling services for those products is no longer a rarity; it’s a service many brands provide as standard. This is especially true when it comes to recycling large appliances such as freezers, ovens or similar products, with many companies now offering the option upon delivery of a new product of similar type and others going above and beyond to provide recycling across the board.

As more companies commit to eco-friendliness as part of their company ethos, there’s no doubt that the future of tech is getting greener and greener, offering products that fall in line with the eco-friendly attitude of today’s consumers without compromising on quality.

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