5 New Hobbies to Keep You Busy in Lockdown

5 New Hobbies to Keep You Busy in Lockdown.

With the country in the grip of another lockdown, people are spending a lot more time at home. While this may have been a novelty for some people back in March last year, the majority of the population are struggling to keep themselves occupied. 

When you can only leave the house for essential purposes, how do you entertain yourself? Of course, you can work your way through Netflix and call your friends on Zoom, but this won’t keep your mind happy for long. You need a new hobby. Something to occupy your mind and get your cognitive side working. 

If you’re stuck for ideas, there are endless pastimes you could take up. It just depends on where your skills and interests lie. To give you some inspiration, here are five examples of new hobbies you could take up during lockdown.

Brewing beer

The pubs aren’t going to be opening for business anytime soon, so why not fulfil your cravings by learning to make your own craft beer at home? There are plenty of homebrewing kits available online that include all the equipment, bottles and brewing grains you’ll need to start concocting a delicious IPA or milk stout. And home brew is a lot cheaper per pint, so you’ll be saving yourself a lot of money in the process. 

5 New Hobbies to Keep You Busy in Lockdown


Are there jobs in your home that need doing? Do you keep telling yourself you’ll get around to them at some point? Well now’s the perfect opportunity. Make the most of all this spare time by repairing and restoring any issues around the home, from leaky taps to broken chairs to peeling paint. For almost any household job, you can find a YouTube tutorial to coach you through every step of the process. 


Everyone likes food, but if you’re getting takeaways every other night, your body and your wallet will be suffering. Learn to cook your own delicious, nutritious meals and you’ll be saving money and improving your health at the same time. Start out with some of these easy recipes.


Watching Netflix and playing video games can be diverting, but it’s rarely going to help you improve yourself. Everyone wishes they could read more, so what better time to start than during a nationwide lockdown? Reading can transport you to new places, even when you’re stuck at home. Work your way through the best books of all-time or find a topic that interests you and read up on it. The choice is yours, and you’ll emerge from this pandemic smarter and more curious about the world around you.


You are allowed to leave the house for exercise, so make the most of this freedom by getting into running. You will be improving your strength and fitness while giving your mental health a boost by being out in nature. Explore your neighbourhood and find back roads, trails and footpaths you’ve never seen before. Invest in a running watch to track your data and observe your progress. You could even sign up to a race to give yourself a little motivation to succeed.

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