5 Tips for Assessing a High-End Pre-Loved Vehicle

5 Tips for Assessing a High-End Pre-Loved Vehicle.

Your four-wheeled pride and joy is almost like a member of the family. And throughout your life, you will probably trade up with an increase in the quality and luxury of your car. But not all vehicles are made equal, and assessing a high-end pre-loved vehicle might be a little different than you are used to. Of course, there’s the standard tyre and engine checks, but luxury cars have some extra features you should be aware of.

Tinker with the Dash Controls

Car technology improves all the time, and the dash of a modern luxury car looks more like the bridge of the Enterprise-D than a typical vehicle. So, whether you take a trip to your local leading Mercedes specialist or venture to the nearest Jaguar house, you are guaranteed to see complex dash control systems. Check that any control knobs, sticks and dials work in every direction. Ensure that all the controls on the steering wheel work, too. A reset might be required, but some might require a refit. A refit of a CCI can be costly, so inquire before you buy the car.

Scan the Computer Components

As mentioned, car tech is constantly evolving, and many modern vehicles are more computer than a mechanical machine. Fortunately, you can check internal systems by scanning computer components. Sensors, controllers and modules communicate via internal CANs (Controlled Area Networks), providing critical information. So if you’re thinking about buying a car, make sure to get it scanned by a dealer. You’ll see a warning light come on for some expensive problems with the electronics or sensor network, but be aware that not every issue is detectable.

Beware Air Suspension

High-end luxury vehicles such as Maybach, Rolls Royce and even Tesla use air suspension. Air suspension controls ride comfort using computers, sensors and air bellows rather than typical springs. Yet, there are many issues associated with the technology, and you might be disappointed down the line. The air suspension can make a car ride better, but the cost to fix it when it eventually breaks is not worth it. If the car you really want uses air suspension tech, ask about an extended warranty as it is known to leak or fail as it ages.

Check for Mods

Car modding is big business in modern times. Mods range from minor tweaks to the engine to outlandish bodywork. Yet, many mods can damage the internal workings of a specific model, which can be costly to remove or repair. For example, some modders add turbochargers or superchargers to crank up the power. In addition to suspension modifications, owners tend to put oversized wheels on their cars. Larger rims and lowered bodywork is illegal in many countries. They prevent wheels from turning correctly, therefore compromising safety. 

Consider Additional Costs

When you drive your new car off the dealer’s lot, you will lose up to 11% of its value. Your vehicle will continue to lose around 15-20% of its value every year. Given the car is used already, the value depreciates pretty rapidly. Used vehicles may undergo more maintenance and repairs than new vehicles. Additionally, you might have trouble finding replacement parts depending on your car’s model. For instance, a special stockist can find a camshaft for a rare Porsche 928. But then you have the headache of finding a mechanic qualified for an installation.