A Brilliantly British Gin – Animal Spirits Launches With The Rabbit

A Brilliantly British Gin – London-based Animal Spirits Launches With The Rabbit Gin.

A rare positive to take from 2020 is certainly the emergence of Animal Spirits launch gin – The Rabbit. The Rabbit (GIN01) is the product of a lockdown labour of love courtesy of virologist, Dr Lukas Radosa and immersive theatre producer, Eva Liparova.

During the first lockdown the pair were able to collaborate with fellow Slovakians Erik Lorincz and Rasty Kasar of Kwant London to perfect the gin recipe.

By the time the second lockdown came around Radosa and Liparova were all set to create the perfect serves alongside Two One Four on Bermondsey Street.

Animal Spirits – The Founders.

CEO Dr Lukas Radosa says: “Animal Spirits started as a creative outlet for exploring what I know about natural products, how to learn about distilling and my love of gin. I know how certain botanicals affect our physiology and senses and I wanted to create a gin that would be inspired by these properties and result in a Spirit that comes with a story and scientific rigour.

CCO Eva Liparova adds: “We want our Spirits to feel a bit like meeting animal characters in Victorian London – not in the cages in the menagerie but in its best-kept secret, an underground speakeasy down the rabbit hole. It’s here where the animals meet at night and where their true spirits come alive. We want to cast you away into that speakeasy and mingle with them.

Radosa, who’s also a distiller uses his PhD in microbiology and his WSET Level 3 spirits connoisseurship as a guide to match botanicals to personality traits that Liparova assigns to each animal character and story. The result is ‘a captured and bottled Spirit waiting to be unleashed’.

Animal Spirits – The Rabbit Gin.

Tasting the Rabbit Gin is the finest of G&T experiences. The subtle sweetness of the dry gin is exquisite whilst botanical such as cardamom, Kazbek hops, Sichuan green pepper and magnolia berries compliment towards a balanced, full body flavour.

A Brilliantly British Gin - Animal Spirits Launches With The Rabbit GIN

Organic juniper is ethically sourced  for the gin from a primeval forest and the gin is produced at Thames Distillers; a real London centric feel from Animal Spirits.

If you’re looking to step up your British Gin experience, be sure to hop on over to The Rabbit from Animal Spirits.

Animal Spirits have distilled some early admirers (us included) receiving acclaim from British VogueThe Boutique Handbook and The South Londoner.

Check out @weareanimalspirits on Instagram for more!

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