A Lanique Twist On The Classic Negroni

A Lanique Twist On The Classic Negroni.

Whilst socialising in and around London over the past years we’ve had the pleasure of sampling a number of drinks and meeting the creatives behind some of the best cocktails around.

A Lanique Twist On The Classic Negroni Mixology Off The Cuff LDN

A liqueur we’ve become accustomed to, in particular during the Summer months, is Lanique. Cocktail enthusiasts are forever looking to push the boundaries when mixing drinks and Lanique offers an unparalleled edge to mixology that is impossible to replicate.

Lanique – An introduction to the true Spirit of Rose

Originating in the Kingdom of Prussia way back in 1785, Lanique was adopted as a favourite by the European aristocracy.  The empires of Prussia, Hungary, Austria and the Two Sicillies all enjoyed a tantalising tipple of Lanique’s early existence.

Lanique Bottle Off The Cuff LDN

Remaining a firm favourite throughout the 1800’s, the rose tinted liquid went from strength to strength and was prominent during the roaring twenties. The Rose Liqueur taking pride of place in grand Art Deco hotels and bars.

Cocktail Off The Cuff LDN

However, fast forward to today and the Spirit of Rose is now distilled in the UK. Artisans are coming up with new innovative ways to develop fantastic cocktails utilising such a unique liqueur.

Lanique – A Lanique twist on the classic Negroni

Lanique lends itself to a variety of drinks creations. For instance, its versatility as a liqueur means it can be enjoyed as part of a spritz, a fizz or a number of classic cocktails.

A Lanique Fizz Off The Cuff LDN

Today we’re going to concentrate on a personal favourite of OTC; a classic Negroini.

A Lanique Negroni Cocktail Off The Cuff LDN

Legend has it that the Negroni originated in Florence, Italy around 1919. Count Camillo Negroni asked his friend, bartender Forsco Scarselli, to strengthen his favourite cocktail – the Americano. He therefore replaced the soda water with gin.

A bitter classic synonymous with gentlemanly patrons, for me the Negroni is a perfectly balanced cocktail.

A Lanique Negroni Drinks Mix Off The Cuff LDN

By adding a measure of Lanique to this classic mix, I was intrigued as to how the floral notes would compliment such established flavours with the vermouth, gin and campari.

  • Firstly, 12.5ml Lanique.
  • Secondly, 12.5ml Dry Vermouth.
  • Then add 25ml Gin.
  • Additionally, 25ml Campari.
  • Finally, serve over cubed ice and garnished with an Orange Wedge.

Gentleman Cocktail - Negroni Off The Cuff LDN

The result did not disappoint. A punchy gentleman’s classic coupled with a refreshing rosy finish. All the components of a classic Negroni with a delicate yet invigorating floral edge.

Check out Lanique.com for more great cocktails.

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