An ADAM Grooming beard trim review. London’s hottest men’s grooming destination.

ADAM Grooming recently celebrated the first year anniversary of  their Mayfair atelier and were kind enough to invite me to their esteemed establishment for an ADAM Grooming beard trim experience.

The ‘high-end Turkish barber shop’ was founded in 2016 by Esat Kolege and Oytun Pakcan and since it’s conception the brand has gone from strength to strength. ADAM Grooming is now recognised as the highest rated and most reviewed barber shops in the UK and it’s easy to see why. 

My ADAM Grooming beard trim experience

Upon arriving at the Mayfair atelier for my ADAM Grooming beard trim, I was immediately struck by the interior design of the barber shop. Like nothing I’d experienced in a barber’s before, the hexagonal layout of the space exudes a contemporary elegance which is cleverly blended with the traditionalist feel of a Turkish barber shop.

ADAM Grooming beard trim St Christopher's Place

Without delay I was greeted by one of many dapper gents, guided upstairs and my drink order was taken. A whiskey on the rocks seemed appropriate after a few meetings around Mayfair and just after my first sip I was introduced to Mr Ahmet Orde who would be conducting the trim for me.

ADAM Grooming beard trim London

I took my seat in the barber chair and firstly apologised for the state I had let my beard grow into, this was a much needed trim! Ahmet chuckled and politely assured me that he would be able to rectify this with a refined finish and I would be leaving the atelier feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

ADAM Grooming beard trim Turkish barbers

After an initial discussion on what kind of trim I was after and the finish I desired, I was all set. I was offered another sip of my whiskey and after duly obliging Mr Orde got to work in taming my self-proclaimed facial ‘jungle’.

ADAM Grooming beard trim scissors

With the first few snips, Ahmet began developing a more defined shape to the beard with his precision scissor work. Shaping the beard is paramount as the facial hair grows, as the overall look will stay in proportion as time goes by.

As Ahment proceeded in taking some volume out of the style I noted how well the hexagonal layout of the barbers worked; the design provides exclusivity and undivided attention to clients whilst being served. 

ADAM Grooming beard trim hot towel

With the majority of the beard styling brilliantly boxed off, it was now time for the second of two hot towel treatments. Other than experiencing ultimate relaxation, the hot towel is an incredibly important and practical part of the beard trim experience.

ADAM Grooming provide a first hot towel in the early stages of the booking to soften your beard. This enables the barber to provide a quality trim whilst perfecting your polished look. The second hot towel bestows many benefits to the skin. The steam opens up the pores and, once the pores are open, moisturisers and balms are better absorbed into the skin.

Suitably relaxed, I was more than happy to receive a mini massage towards the end of my ADAM Grooming experience. After a busy day I couldn’t think of a better way to unwind; a beard trim, hot towel treatment, massage and drinks felt like a day at the spa and was just what I needed.

ADAM Grooming beard trim atelier

I have to say a huge thanks to Ahmet. Truly a master of his craft and overall gentleman, he’s your guy. Other than his obvious skill as a barber, he was amazingly attentive; regularly handing my whiskey to sip during the treatment (which is always going to go down well!)

Leaving the atelier I felt sharp and polished; how every gentleman should feel after a beard trim. It’s clear that ADAM Grooming really have focused their brand around the client experience and they have absolutely hit the mark.

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