An Instant Introduction to Cold Brew Coffee

Avoiding too many puns, we wanted to look at why cold brew coffee is becoming so hot right now and the latest British brands causing a stir.

What exactly is it?

A good cold brew coffee is intended to be have a roughly 1:8 Coffee to water ratio, and left to steep in a cooler or fridge for 18-24 hours.

I’m no Jamie Oliver when it comes to making coffee but luckily Jamie Oliver has provided his much more detailed guide to brewing cold coffee here.

It’s home-brewers answer to commercial coffees chains over sweetened frappucinno type drinks, and also takes it’s origins from original coffee sellers in Brooklyn.

Cold Brew Coffee Brands You Need To Know

The cold brew scene has exploded recently with numerous niche brands popping up, we thought we’d stay close to home and focus on our favourite brands, some of which originate from one of the coffee capitals of the worlds, London.

Sandows London

Named after iconic Victorian bodybuilder Eugen Sandow the coffee claims to be as strong and patient as the man himself.


Sandows London Cold Brew Coffee

BL Cold Brew

Born and raised in Edinburgh, Brew Lab opened their first store in a converted university office in 2014 and have never looked back.


Brew Lab Cold Brew Coffee

Good Beans

After discovering cold brew coffee in San Francisco, two best friends Rosa & Becky set about bringing this distinctively less acidic style back to the London selling their first bottle of GoodBeans in 2013.


GoodBeans Cold Brew Coffee


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