An Interview with Christian French – Good Things Take Time – Out Now

An Interview with Christian French – Good Things Take Time – Out Now.

Firstly, your social growth in the last six months has been outstanding, congratulations!  What has been your favourite part of this amazing experience so far?

Thank you – it has been SO crazy. One of the coolest things to me has been building a fan base in other countries, like The UK, India, Thailand, Russia, The Philippines, and so many more – I’ve been talking with a lot of these new fans though Instagram, and it’s just really cool to see my music reach other cultures. I never thought my music would spread across the globe.

An Interview with Christian French - Good Things Take Time - Out Now
Photography courtesy of Mickey Mars.
Another congratulations is in order for your single “I think too much”,  “make or break up” and “paper thin”. Lock down has meant many of us have had far too much time to think, how do you switch off from your own thoughts?

I’ve found that trying to stay productive is the best way to switch off my own thoughts – when I feel the best is when I’m balanced in my music, my health, and my personal growth.

I’ve been reading a lot of books on self-awareness and growth lately, and I would say those have been the most impactful on my mindset. It really helps you pay attention to what’s going on in your head, and with that awareness you’re able to make some healthy changes that further benefit you, rather than feeling clueless as to why you feel a certain way.

Sociology and psychology seem to be underlying themes of you three most recent releases: “I think too much”, “head first” and “crowded room” is this something of particular interest to you? 

Definitely – I was a human biology major in college, and I’ve always been interested in how the human body and mind work. Whether I realize it or not, I approach things very scientifically, and it has started to show in my music. Once I started reading books on self-help, I became a lot more aware of my own psychology and have been really fascinated with my journey towards a happier and healthier mind – it’s been one of my favorite things to write about because it’s helped me so much and I want to help “spread the knowledge” through my music.

The heat sensor-type visualiser video for “I think too much” is marvellously mesmerising. We’ve also seen you in quite a few tie dye garments and you have some brilliant pieces of merchandise currently available… can we expect the imagery from the visualiser to be made into products later down the line?

Christian French - I think too much

I think that a lot of the imagery from these first few singles will be seen in upcoming merch. We’re currently working on another round of designs, and it’s really cool to see how it’s evolving. I’ve been loving experimenting with as many colors as we can – I think it brings a certain amount of brightness & optimism.

How do you stay musically inspired during this time of isolation and restriction?

My musical inspiration comes in waves – some days I can write exactly what I’m thinking and it feels so good, while other days I struggle to get one line down on paper.

I’ve found what helps best is taking time away from trying to create to focus on personal growth – whether that be trying to learn some new songs on the guitar/piano, reading a new book, or journaling out your thoughts. All of these things present you with new, elevated information and help you break out of a repetitive way of thinking.

We love your style, particularly your dungarees and turn-ups, where are they both from?

Thank you! Pretty much all of my clothes are from vintage shops. I live in Los Angeles, and there are TONS of stores here with cheap, old clothes – it just takes patience to go through all of the racks and find what you can use. I think it’s fun, because you never really know what you’re gonna end up leaving with.

An Interview with Christian French - Good Things Take Time - EP Out Now
Photography courtesy of Mickey Mars.
We know that, unfortunately, plans have had to change for everyone due to the current pandemic and “good things take time” is a great little gift to us all during this time. Is there anything else from you we can look forward to this year… any plans to come to the UK perhaps?

We’re planning on releasing an EP by the end of summer, and hopefully will be following that with some singles from my next project by the end of the year. I have no idea what the future looks like in terms of live shows, but I can assure you that as soon as I’m able to, I’ll be touring again. I’ve never been to Europe, so I’m eagerly waiting for the day I’m able to make it over there. It’s been a dream of mine for a long time, but I made a goal that my first trip there would be for music.

Your Instagram highlights “book wisdom” and is a nice element to your profile, do you have a favourite quote?

There are so many good quotes – but one of my favorites comes from a book called “The Alchemist”

“When I have been truly searching for my treasure, I’ve discovered things along the way that I never would have seen had I not had the courage to try things that seemed impossible for a shepherd to achieve

This quote really connected with me because I very much so used to see myself as the “shepherd”, being a kid who really didn’t know anything about the music industry trying to make music for a living. Instead of being too intimidated to keep moving forward, we just kept pushing to learn new things, and in this process, I’ve really started to become the person that I want to be. I don’t think I would have ever reached this level of awareness if I didn’t keep pushing toward my goal.

Your “quarantunes” have been very entertaining during this time– my personal favourite is the one for “I think too much”. It is so interesting to see a song dissected and it must be fantastically encouraging for budding musicians at the start of their journey. Do you have any advice for them, and how have you found learning new skills with your new equipment?

It’s taken me about a year to start to understand how to produce – making these “quarantunes” was a super fun way to experiment with what I’ve learned. This year I started to learn guitar on my own, and it’s inspired me to start making my own songs from scratch.

Christian French Good Things Take Time - EP Out Now
Photography courtesy of Mickey Mars.

It might sound cliche, but what it really comes down to is practice and continuously finding new ways to innovate the sound of your music. If you have a friend who is more knowledgeable than you in a certain field, ask them for advice for how to keep getting better – I’m thankful to be surrounded by some extremely talented musicians, and watching them work has been the quickest way I’ve been able to elevate my production.

Your EP good things take time is out now which we are so excited for! Can you tell us a bit about your EP? When did you write it/what inspired you/what tracks are going to be on it? We can’t wait!

“Good things take time” is a 7-song project about my trials and errors as both a human and an artist figuring life out – finding what works for me and what doesn’t, then learning from it and bettering myself. It highlights some of the problems I’ve gone through, both individually and in a relationship, and then talks about how I’ve found my way out of these problems. I’ve repeatedly been shown that things pretty much never go the way that you planned it, but they always have a funny way of working themselves out over time.

Tracks on the EP:
    • Good things take time.
    • Wake up.
    • I think too much.
    • Crowded room.
    • Make or break up.
    • Time of our lives.
    • Paper thin.

Finally, your voice is remarkable, how did you initially learn to sing?

Haha you’re too kind! Initially, I picked up singing from being in a middle school choir class. In this class, I had a friend who played the piano, and he helped me learn a few covers of songs that I loved. From there, I started singing and playing the piano consistently on my own, and was very much so self-taught until I moved to Los Angeles. Now, I’m working with a vocal coach, and I can’t believe how much my voice has transformed. It’s funny to go back and listen to my voice in the first tracks I released, and compare them to how I sound in the records I’m releasing now.

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