At Home with Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute

At Home with Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute. #MBxMe

I, like many others, have had my schedule hugely impacted by recent events. With meeting spaces closed and outside largely out of bounds; face-to-face catchups with brands and photo shoots for the blog are limited to what can be done whilst adhering to the social distancing guidelines that are currently in place. Attempting to take the positives from the situation, I’ve embraced the challenge to adapt my working ways and revamp my routine to suit the current climate.

Unlike most, early mornings seem to come natural to me. Through the Spring/ Summer months I am awoken naturally from the light creeping in through the curtains (a blessing or a curse depending on your outlook).

The first thing I do these days is hit play on Spotify; a chilled out acoustic playlist, in my opinion, is the perfect way to ease into a day of working from home.

At Home with Molton Brown

Optimising the senses is key to maintaining a PMA (positive mental attitude) throughout the day- something many are struggling with whilst having to stay at home. Waking up to a great playlist, accompanied by some early morning sunshine and the scents of Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute reed diffuser is the perfect foundation for the day ahead.

At Home with Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute reed

Following a substantial breakfast and inspired by cedarwood scents, I’m straight onto email replies by 8am. The first few hours of my day are unquestionably the most productive.

At Home with Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute set

Working with Off the Cuff LDN, we endeavor to champion products that fit in well with modern men’s lifestyles. Molton Brown’s Tobacco Absolute collection is, for me, the pinnacle of gentlemen’s fragrance. Classic cedarwood and leather accord is lifted subtly by a hint of grapefruit; the Tobacco Absolute products take pride of place in my room.

At Home with Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute

After responding to emails, I tend to take time to read or flick through some old style editorials. As a result, I feel more inspired and this process really gets the creative juices flowing. I find balancing my schedule with time away from technology helps intensify my focus and consequently, improves my work ethic.

With a lot of projects currently on hold, I’m discovering more and more ways to be innovative with the blog. Reaching out virtually to other bloggers through our #500 series and promoting our good deed feed has proved to be popular with our readership.

At Home with Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute incense

After a spot of lunch I continue with my plans for the rest of the day. I find eating outside in the garden really boosts my PMA.  With the country on lockdown, a breath of fresh air is a real treat and a great way to refresh my thoughts.

Though it is important to take a break from technology, it has certainly been a huge lifeline for us. The afternoons are mostly spent catching up with the team through video call; and the occasional virtual meeting with brands/ agencies.

Inspired by our conversations, I then pull together content ideas for publication and draft projects with upcoming campaigns in mind.

At Home with Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute for men

Despite producing notes on potential collaborations and making every effort to plan ahead, I tend not to set too many arduous goals at the moment.

During these unprecedented times I’ve noticed far too many people are putting pressure on themselves to come out at the other end with some sort of achievement… By all means set yourself goals but don’t be too harsh on yourself. Why not take some time out of your day to light a candle and relax? Read a book or discover meditation?

At Home with Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute candle

I like to wind down for the evening by making notes of what I’d realistically be able to achieve the following day. Then, candle lit, I switch off my laptop and unwind.

At Home with Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute reed

Before the lockdown I was washing my hands profusely. Whilst working from home nothing has changed. My ‘go to’ from the Molton Brown range is most definitely the mesmerising oudh accord & gold hand wash. Infused with 24-carat gold flakes and top notes of bergamot shining through, this offering from Molton Brown is the height of luxury.

At Home with Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute hand soap

Something I hadn’t factored in was how imperative it is to moisturise your hands. Constant hand washing can take it’s toll. Dealing with dry and sore hands is no fun when you’re attempting to go about your daily routine.

At Home with Molton Brown hand wash set

Until recently, admittedly, I’d neglected moisturising my hands. Now, I’m keeping hand lotion near to my work station to ensure I stay on top of my moisturising regime.

At Home with Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute hand lotion

Using Molton Brown’s mesmerising oudh accord & gold hand lotion helped my hands recover in just a couple of days. This product is a game changer for me. Much like the hand wash, I really appreciate the top note of bergamot whilst the base note of honey is a superb touch.

If your taste is a little different from my own you can browse the full range of Molton Brown hand products here. With such a substantial collection of luxury hand care products you’re certain to find something to suit your palette.

At Home with Molton Brown hand products

Off The Cuff’s tips for staying happy and healthy during lockdown:
  • Moisturise your hands, as well as washing them
  • De-clutter
  • Have a ‘go to’ playlist
  • Find a scent you love to fragrance your space (I would recommend Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute)
  • Invest in some house plants
  • Take regular breaks from technology and social media

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