BACARDÍ Pumpkin Punch Kit with Floom

BACARDÍ Pumpkin Punch Kit with Floom.

BACARDÍ Rum has partnered with Floom to launch a limited edition BACARDÍ Pumpkin Punch Kit, that will help lift your household’s spirits to the spookiest level possible this Halloween.

Available nationwide on for just £25.00, trick-or-treat yourself with this BACARDÍ Punch Kit that includes one pumpkin ready to be gutted to form the perfect punch bowl serving you and three others, plus all the ingredients to create a delicious pumpkin Spiced rum punch leaving party goers cackling with glee. Let’s give them pumpkin to talk about!

For those a little scared of the dark, the kit also includes BACARDÍ party cups which light up when filled with this delicious punch potion and other BACARDÍ accessories to help you Hallow-queens and kings get the party going from home this season.

BACARDÍ Pumpkin Punch RUM Kit with Floom

The full contents of the kit can be found below:

  • X1 Pumpkin
  • 70cl BACARDÍ Spiced
  • 1L Cloudy Apple Juice
  • X1 Mixed Spice
  • X4 BACARDÍ Light Up Party Cups
  • X1 BACARDÍ Wooden Ladle
  • X4 Spooky Transferrable Tattoos
  • X1 String of Halloween Lights


  1. Fill the bottom of your pumpkin punch bowl with cubed ice
  2. Pour all of the ingredients over the ice and gently stir
  3. Using the ladle provided, serve this delicious potion to your guests in a highball glass, sit back and cackle over your amazing punch making skills

The Kit can be purchased for a limited time only via The kit costs just £25.00 and is available nationwide throughout October.

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