Scandinavian skincare brand BAD NORWEGIAN hits Britain’s shores

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Great products are usually born out of a first-hand need, a necessity, where other alternatives just don’t do the job. Things were no different with BAD NORWEGIAN.

Former NATO soldier, and co-founder of the brand, Marius Kristiansen, was on an intense excursion through South Africa battling sleep deprivation, sunlight and stress. In the search of some relief for his overworked skin, Marius struggle to find any products that were up to the task. With this is mind, Marious returned to Norway and teamed up with design friend, Castilñano Simoons to create a brand within the skincare industry that represented clean functionality and classic style… BAD NORWEGIAN.

Born out of Oslo (incidentally one of my favourite cities in the world!). BAD NORWEGIAN focus on purity, integrity and quality. Three words that not only encompass the BAD NORWEGIAN philosophy but, for me, are synonymous with the Norwegian culture as a whole.

The brand are all vegan and do not test on animals. Their value from the beginning has been ‘Do no harm’. Instead, they test on friends and receive feedback on their developing products, a refreshing development strategy!

After conquering Norway, Marius and Cas are now jetting over to our very own British shores and they’re bringing with them their high-performance line of premium skincare products.

After chatting with the guys about skincare, blogging and of course the wonderful city of Oslo, they were kind enough to fire over a couple of products from their impressive range.


Upon unpacking the products, the first thing that struck me was the simple, minimalistic presentation. The brand themselves aimed for ‘functional, streamlined packaging, with a non-fussy design to reflect the purity of its contents.’ They’ve hit the mark perfectly!

BAD NORWEGIAN Revitalize Face

With the men’s skincare market growing exponentially over the last year it’s more important than ever for brands to deliver. I’m happy to declare that the BAD NORWEGIAN Revitalize Face delivers.

This fantastic product more than adheres to the brands ethos of purity, integrity and quality. Based on natural ingredients, it fits in perfectly with the confident man who seeks a premium anti-wrinkle cream with bespoke active ingredients, fast absorbing non-greasy texture.


A couple of unique attributes really stood out for me when testing out the Revitalize Face. Firstly, the product provides skincare you can feel; a tiger balm effect offers a slight tingle upon application, giving a much needed (for me anyway!) ‘boost’ sensation in the morning. Secondly, an airless jar pump (which can be found across the BAD NORWEGIAN range) not only increases the longevity of the product but also, quite brilliantly, prevents bacteria ever contaminating the moisturizer held within.

Modern discerning gents are becoming more knowledgeable about what their grooming routine should include and this intense revitalizer moisturiser, as far as I’m concerned, should take centre stage in that routine.


As a bearded gentleman myself, I was thrilled when Marius and Cas offered me the opportunity to review their premium beard oil. If I’m honest, I’ve tried a fair few oils that are on the market at the moment but I’ve struggled to find an oil that I would consistently go back to. A lot of the oils out there offer quite a greasy texture which just wasn’t what I was after, but, after testing out Oil Beard from Bad Norwegian my problems have been solved.

The Oil Beard is a natural beard oil that was developed to keep your beard conditioned and healthy. Packed full of skin friendly ingredients the oil not only kept my beard in great condition but my skin felt hydrated and refreshed.

As I mentioned above, I’d had issues locking down a beard oil with a desirable texture. In no way was this a problem with the Oil Beard, I loved the non-greasy texture as I ran the oil through my beard.

For me personally, this will be my ‘go to’ beard oil moving forward. The design, texture, scent and anti-bacterial properties all make the Oil Beard a bearded gentleman’s dream and has set a marker for other beard oils to live up to.



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