Beddable Luxury Bedding – The Mediterranean Collection.

Beddable Luxury Bedding. The Mediterranean Collection.

Beddable aim to deliver practical bedding solutions. Offering specifically darker and neutral hues to the market, beddable are fast becoming the UK’s ‘go to’ provider of high quality bedding products.

Speaking to Joe Ozkanli, Founder of beddable, about the upcoming new limited collection, we were excited to check it out for ourselves.

Beddable Luxury Bedding. The Mediterranean Collection.

Beddable Luxury Bedding. The Mediterranean Collection.

Inspired by the olive groves and pebble stones of the Mediterranean we’re happy to introduce our readers to beddable’s Meditarranean collection. The Meditarranean collection is available in two colours, Olive Green or Pebble Grey.

The new limited edition collection is the next step along beddable’s journey to bring night time bliss to the nation.

Beddable Luxury Bedding. Washed Cotton Fabric

Building upon their fantastic success with initial sateen and percale releases, beddable have introduced their third fabric line; washed cotton.

A dapper and luxurious linen alternative, the washed cotton fabric is designed to provide a softer feel whilst offering a highly breathable option for the modern gent. As soft and dreamy as the summer breeze, this is certainly the perfect fabric for their latest collection.

On top of obvious style and comfort factors, the washed cotton is more resistant to creasing than most linen choices. Furthermore, the soft fabric is incredibly easy to iron. Practicality, style and comfort all blend into one bedding bundle with beddable.

Beddable Bedding. The Mediterranean Summer 2020

Beddable Luxury Bedding. Olive Green Mediterranean Collection

Selecting the Olive Green hue, I was initially impressed with the packaging and delivery from beddable. Sleek branding combined with a complimentary Olive Green face mask were a welcome delivery. The addition of the mask further demonstrates the brands intuitiveness and a connection with their customer during the current climate.

The core bedding set provides exactly what you need for a quick and easy set up. A duvet cover, fitted sheet and two pillowcases starts from £149.

With next day delivery available in London, beddable are successfully cementing themselves as the practical bedding solution for the capital’s needs.

Beddable Luxury Bedding. The Mediterranean Collection. Bedroom.
I certainly wasn’t the only one impressed with beddable’s new limited edition Mediterranean collection.

The darker shade of green works perfectly with my bedroom aesthetic, complimenting various house plants and minimalistic bedside furniture for instance.

Beddable Luxury Bedding. The Mediterranean Collection. Olive Green

Aside from the pleasing aesthetics, the new fabric was a dream to wake up in.

With temperatures gradually increasing through the Summer months, never have I slept so well. A softer feel to most other bedding sets available, above all, the comfort factor is genuinely impressive.

On top of this, never once did I overheat as the fabric is highly breathable.

Beddable Luxury Bedding. The Mediterranean Green.

Be sure to checkout beddable as they continue to revolutionise bedding and expand into pyjama sets and towelling.

Similarly, you can also visit their Instagram page for more inspiration.

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