BrewDog Distillery Tour – From Grain to Glass

BrewDog Distillery Tour – From Grain to Glass

Celebrate World Gin Day with BrewDog Distilling Co.’s exclusive ‘grain to glass’ interactive distillery tour & tasting with master distiller Steven Kersley and World Gin Day founder Emma Stokes.

This is your chance to see how BrewDog Distilling Co. create their LoneWolf and Zealot’s Heart gins from ‘grain to glass’.

Selecting the perfect combination of wheat and barely from the BrewDog brewery, BrewDog Distilling Co go on to produce the world’s only ‘triple-bubble pot still’ and utilise a record 18m tall still in the process.

BrewDog Distillery Tour BrewDog Distilling Co

Take part in an interactive Q&A session by asking Steven any questions about the distillery and how the gins are made and a tasting of:

  • LoneWolf gin: a small-batch London dry made from 14 botanicals, with notes of lavender, ferociously resinous Scots pine and a fierce juniper backbone, with five times more juniper than typical craft recipes.
  • LoneWolf Cloudy Lemon gin: a haze of gin and sharp citrus, using Tuscan juniper and Sicilian lemon peel. The spirit is macerated in the lemon peel for seven days, resulting in a strong lemon nose and merciless juniper kick; a crossbreed to be reckoned with.
  • LoneWolf Cactus & Lime *brand new*: A Scottish-Mexican hybrid that dials up the attitude with spiky citrus notes met with a classic juniper hit. Distilled with kaffir lime and Queen of the Night cactus flowers that only grow at night. With 17 botanicals and flavours of watermelon and lychee for the ultimate summer G&T.
  • Zealot’s Heart gin: A proprietary gin, made from scratch, with no fewer than 197 recipes giving rise to this product of obsession, with the copper contact delivering uncompromising character and flavour. Fanatical about he botanicals used; citrus, pepper and spice, with only the worthy selected, it is ultimately in juniper we trust; a gin made by zealots, for zealots.
BrewDog Distillery Tour World Gin Day

FREE to join this Friday 12th June at 4pm.

You’ll also be in with a chance to win a host of BrewDog Distilling Co. merchandise.

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