BrewDog Distilling Co. introduces ‘Five Hundred Cuts’ – A new category of Rum

BrewDog Distilling Co. introduces ‘Five Hundred Cuts’ – A new category of Rum: Vibrant and Botanical.

Botanical has been very much associated with Gin since its gentrification – then BAMMMM – here comes the rum! Over the past few months we have witnessed the start of the Rum Revolution, now BrewDog Distilling and Co. have jumped on the band wagon in the best way possible with their botanical, dark, spiced and “unmistakably funky” potion. It is safe to say Five Hundred Cuts is a cut above your average rum. Inspired by trail blazing botanist, Elizabeth Blackwell – BrewDog launched their new, original creation this October, enlightening us with a whole new rum experience.

BrewDog Distilling Co. introduces Five Hundred Cuts

Off The Cuff LDN were privileged to be asked join in the lovely launch celebrations. The evening, aptly located in The Chelsea Physic Garden, where Elizabeth lived and studied, featured terrific talks from master blender Steven Kersley. Tasting the terrific rum was enhanced by the spectacular surroundings: an area of the historic gardens was transformed into a magical interpretation of the rum recipe from scent to sight.

The wonderful white rum is made from sugar cane molasses and fermented with red wine yeast. The additional distilling process releases notes of tropical fruit, berries and burnt sugar – does that sound mouth-wateringly delectable or what?!

Eleven specially selected botanicals are included in the scrumptious spirit making it full of flavour and totally free from artificial ingredients. The legendary mixologist, Georgi Radev of Laki Kane, took influence from these to exclusively mix a superb selection of herbal rum cocktails.

Herbal storyteller Amanda Edminston also joined the launch sharing the fascinating story of the power woman that was Elizabeth Blackwell. Edminston informed her audience that Blackwell used the profit from her book of botanicals to secure her husband’s release from jail, however in a tragic twist it wasn’t long until he found himself in trouble once more, leading to his beheading. Poignantly, the criminal’s skull and the weapon of death adorn Five Hundred Cuts’ creative bottle alongside some of the spices and botanicals involved in the mixture.

BrewDog Distilling Co. introduces Five Hundred Cuts Rum

With the clocks back and the Winter weather reaffirming that the festive period is neigh, the rum, described by many on the evening as “Christmas cake in a glass”, is ideal for December drinks!

As BrewDog are known for their meticulous attention to detail, there is no surprise that this innovative drink is such a success! Apparently, it took the distillers six months and in excess of thirty recipes to complete the luscious liquid. Also, funnily enough, the creation of Five Hundred Cuts is actually inspired by gin distillation!

BrewDog Distilling Co. introduces Five Hundred Cuts Rum bottle

Bridging the gap between the funk of rum and botanical kick of gin – BrewDog we bow down – congratulations on such a special launch and a marvellously mouth-watering product!

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