Catch These Mistakes If You Want To Enjoy A Truly Relaxing Fishing Trip

Catch These Mistakes If You Want To Enjoy A Truly Relaxing Fishing Trip.

As a much-loved hobby for iconic figures including Barack Obama and David Beckham, fishing has some pretty obvious appeal to anyone looking to kick back. That said, whether you’re planning a fishing road trip with the lads or just intend to take a fishing tour solo, proper preparation is key to ensuring you can enjoy the benefits on offer.

After all, far from just being one of those hobbies that you can turn up to and hope for the best, fishing requires at least some preliminary planning. That’s not to say this needs to become yet another unwanted stress, but it does mean that you’re going to want to catch these mistakes before you get started to secure the best, and least stressful possible, catch of the day when the time comes. 

Picking the wrong fishing spot

While most hobbies can be done anywhere, fishing requires a body of water, some of which are very much better than others both in the fish selection on offer and in the general environment. An overgrown, barely used fishing lake certainly isn’t going to help you feel zen-like. As such, it’s important to make sure you’re picking the right location for your trip. Top spots especially worth considering depending on your overall intentions for travel include favourite fishing spots like Angler’s Paradise, River Spey, and River Test among others. 

Missing out on crucial gear

While some fishing lakes might have a tackle shop on-site, this is a rarity and is certainly not going to happen with wild fishing. Unfortunately, fishing isn’t a travel-light kinda hobby, meaning that you’re going to need a load of gear that you’ll most likely need to bring with you. Again, this depends on the type of fishing experience you’re looking for, but the go-to kit with the power to ruin your trip if you don’t have it includes a rod and reel, a line, tackle, and bait. Further to this, options like wild fishing require you to stock up on everything from angling lifejackets to a boat, and beyond. Otherwise, you’re going to come across endless obstacles and probably won’t catch any fish, which is sort of what this entire trip is about!

Failing to get the right fishing licence

Most fishing locations also require you to have some form of licence before you can get stuck in. Admittedly, Scotland is an exception to this rule, with no licence legally required. However, across the rest of the UK, a rod fishing licence is essential for the fishing of salmon, trout, and freshwater fish. Equally, many dedicated fishing lakes will require their own licences, which can typically be offered on a short-term basis, but which should be purchased and ensured before your trip to avoid fines, legal paperwork, and getting kicked out of the site as soon as you get your lines ready. 

Fishing can help you to find a more laid-back way of travel, but only if you catch these mistakes before they can catch up with you.